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    Posted December 6, 2014 by

    How to Write Gmail Filters

    filter gmail

    You depend on your email for your social life and work, so it is quite annoying when someone sends you junk mail. Your phone beeps that you have mail, but the message is nothing important that you need to read. Fortunately, you can deal with junk email messages when you use Gmail with filters. Here […]

    Posted December 1, 2014 by

    How to Import Photos from Android Phones on Windows

    copy pictures to windows from galaxy

    When you click on your Android phone in Windows, you can either import photos from your cell phone or just copy them with the Windows File Explorer.  Copying the photos is easier and faster than using the Import option as importing scans folders other than your camera folder under certain circumstances. Here is how to use […]

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    Posted November 22, 2014 by

    Chrome: Use Google Data Proxy to Save on Airtime

    how to save on data plan

    Cell phone companies typically do not offer unlimited data plans anymore.  Unlimited plans were offered in some markets when only 3G was available, but with 4G, users can use up large amounts of GB in a short time.  This usage creates a strain on the cellular network as its capacity is not unlimited. Also, in […]

    Posted November 21, 2014 by

    Microsoft Word 2013: How to Edit Two Parts of a Document at the Same Time

    Supposed you are working on a Word document, and you need to edit two parts of the same document at once.  An example of this would be a report with footnotes and endnotes, which are located at the bottom of a page or at the end of a report. Working on both the text and […]

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    How to Search for Files and Docs on Windows 10

    Searching for files by name and by the contents of the files on Windows 10 is a bit different from Windows 8. Keep reading to find out more about the changes.

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    Posted November 14, 2014 by

    Use Dual Monitors with Windows 10

    Since most people have a digital TV, why not plug yours into your laptop and have two monitors, just like a stockbroker or programmer?  You can work on one screen and move an item to the another when you need to read two items at once. This greatly increases your productivity and comfort.  Also, for people […]

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    Posted November 8, 2014 by

    How Do I Block Ad Cookies and Data Brokers on Windows?

    If you saw this 60 Minutes report on CBS (Click on the YouTube video below to view.), then you know that data brokers are robbing and selling your private data. They use cookies, GPS, the serial number of your SIM card, data that they buy from retailers, and analytics to correlate your IP address with your […]

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    Keep Hackers from Stealing Your iTunes or iCloud Password

    Apple devices sync your data to iCloud by default. You have one password for your iTunes account, iCloud, and your Apple devices.  If someone hacks your Apple password, they can copy your documents and photos from iCloud and purchase music and videos with your account. However, if you turn on two-factor authentication, a hacker cannot log […]

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    Posted October 30, 2014 by

    Android: Lock Screen Rotation

    How many times have you gotten cozy in bed, reading the newspaper on your tablet, and then you lie on your side and what you are reading has flipped on its side? Now, you cannot read it without craning your neck, because it is oriented the wrong way.  How do you turn off this auto-rotate feature? […]

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    Posted October 25, 2014 by

    How Do I Use Swype for iOS8?

    With iOS8,  Apple has allowed the wildly-popular Android Swype keyboard onto the iPhone and iPad.  Swype lets you drag your finger across the keyboard keys to write instead of typing.  You can write much faster this way. This feature has long been available on Android and supports many languages there including difficult-to-type languages, like Hindi. […]

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    How Do I Stop Hackers from Hacking My Google Accounts?

    If everyone used-two factor authentication, hackers would have to find honest work.  They would not have been able to download Jennifer’s Lawrence’s nude photos from the Apple iCloud, because to login they would have needed to physically have Jennifer’s cell phone in their possession.  All those emails and passwords stolen from JP Morgan, Target, Best […]

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