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    How to Send a Direct Message Using Twitter

    how to send twitter direct message

    If you send a tweet to someone in Twitter using @someone, that tweet will be sent to them and their followers.  If you want to get their attention, it is better to send a message to them directly. This is called a direct message (commonly known as DM).

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    How to Delete LinkedIn Contacts

    how to delete linkedin connections

    Let’s face it.  Many of the people who are your contacts on LinkedIn are people you do not even know, whom you added for reasons you cannot remember.  Let’s see how to delete them.

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    Google Sheets: How to Write a Custom Function

    Google Sheets (spreadsheets) lets you write custom functions using JavaScript.  JavaScript is perhaps the world’s easiest programming language, and there are many examples on the internet, making it easy to copy. There are lots of reasons to write your own functions.  For example, you could convert a temperature reading from Celsius to Fahrenheit. You could […]

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    How to Use Google Slides

    google slides tutorial

    Google Slides is a good alternative to Power Point, and it is much easier to use than Visio. You can use Google Slides to make eye-popping presentations or just draw simple charts and diagrams. Not only is it easy to use, but it is also intuitive like PowerPoint and much less complicated than a full […]

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    How to Use Chrome Incognito Mode

    Google has come under much criticism for using your personal data for advertising and tracking.  In a gesture addressed toward their many critics, Google has added a private browsing feature to Chrome called incognito mode that can help you opt out of tracking. It works, but only for a very short duration.  Web pages can still […]

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    How to Back Up Google Docs

    how to backup google drive

    If you are like me, you worry that Google or Microsoft will lose the documents you store there in the cloud.  They have never lost anything of mine, so far.  However, if something goes wrong with your system, are you sure they will be able to recover it?  Just to be safe, I make a […]

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    How to Set Up VPN on iPad

    how to configure VPN for iPad

    You usually use VPN for two purposes:  to connect to your company’s network from home and when traveling or to connect to a public VPN service. You use a public VPN service for two reasons as well:  to hide your real IP address and to spoof your geographical location so that you can watch geographically-restricted video or […]

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    How to Lock Screen Rotation on the iPad iOS 8

    Some things just do not look right on their sides, like newspapers.  Below we explain the issue with iPad’s automatic screen rotation and how to turn it off when you feel it is necessary.  Before we get started, know that on the iPad with iOS 8, there are two ways you can stop the screen from […]

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    Turn off Android Features That Pose a Security Risk

    android security issues

    Two types of technology on your Android device are security risks:  Bluetooth and NFC (near field communications).  If you have these turned on, your phone can be hacked because you are basically walking around broadcasting a radio signal. People can even use these features to track you. Keep reading to learn more about the security […]

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    Excel 2013: Convert European Numbers to American

    If you work in more than one language with Excel, then you know that there are often issues converting numbers from French, Spanish, or other Romance languages to American or British English.  The reason for this is that the number $1,000.25 USD is written as $1.000,25 in Romance languages with the decimal and comma switched. […]

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    Microsoft Excel: Convert Dates from European to US Format

    If you work in more than one language with Excel, then you probably have noticed that you have problems converting dates from the European format (dd/mm/yyyy) to the American English format (mm/dd/yyyy). In fact, in most countries outside the US, the date is written as dd/mm/yyyy. (i.e., The day is first, the month is next, […]

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    How to Recover a Different File Version on Microsoft OneDrive

    For many reasons, you might find you need to recover an older version of a Word document, spreadsheet, or document created online. If you find that a hacker has locked your file using a virus or if you have accidently deleted important sections of your document, knowing how to locate a previous version of a […]