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    Posted May 22, 2018 by

    How to enable Edge Application Guard

    With the threat of internet attack, we are constantly in need of some kind of protection. In general antivirus or anti malware or anti spyware software work pretty well, but there is always a risk. Last year, Microsoft stepped up the game and added a nifty little feature called Application Guard.

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    Posted May 21, 2018 by

    How to switch to the new Gmail interface

    For years, Google’s services are the most widespread and most commonly used services on the internet. As of 2016 Gmail, an email service provided by Google, has over 1 billion users. Today that number is probably closer to 1.5 billion.

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    Posted May 18, 2018 by

    How to enable Ultimate Performance mode on windows 10

    The latest Windows update brought a lot of new and cool features for us to play with. Codenamed Redstone this update started rolling out for users a few weeks ago at which point all of those shiny new features because available for us. One of them is Ultimate Performance.

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    How to change the system font on Windows 10

    Even though Windows 10 is packed with all kinds of personalization features enabling you to visually mend the operating system to your needs and requirements, there is one thing that is missing. The font.

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    How to do a shutdown on your computer

    Anyone reading this topic will definitely think “Why would anyone write a tutorial on this?”. This would have been a valid question if we were still living in the Windows 7 era where we were able to do a shutdown on our computers completely.

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    How to encrypt your drive with BitLocker

    Lately we have been talking a lot about security and encryption, mostly because we live in “dangerous” times where your digital files are vulnerable regardless if it from someone remove or someone that has physical access to your computer. Today’s topic covers a way in which you can protect your data from people that have […]

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    How to use proxy with Edge

    In today’s era where people from certain parts of the world don’t have access to certain content, or people that are just too paranoid to use their own IP address when browsing the internet, most of them are forced to direct their internet traffic through a proxy.

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    How to open a port on Windows Firewall

    In the computer world, internet ports play a major role in navigating the internet traffic required for a certain application to send and receive the packages.

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    How to use On-Demand files on OneDrive

    Microsoft’s own cloud storage service has been around for a while. What initially started as Windows Live Folders, then Windows Live SkyDrive, then SkyDrive only and finally ending up with OneDrive is one of the most used cloud storage today.

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    How to create a virtual machine on Windows

    Anyone that started going deeper in the more advanced uses of a computer ran into something called a Virtual Machine. By definition, the Virtual Machine is an emulator that enables you to run an operating system without having to install it on your drive.

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    How to use Focus assist on Windows 10

    One of the many features added to the April 2018, also known as Redstone 4, is the Focus assist. Honestly, this isn’t anything new. The Focus assist was known as Quiet hours on the previous builds of Windows 10.

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    How to move a user folder on Windows 10

    Since the earliest version of Windows, the default user folder were always stored where the operation system is or to be a bit more specific in C:/Users. Whenever you create a new user, or just use the one that comes with your Windows you will see a new folder with the user’s name.