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    Posted July 20, 2018 by

    How to make use of your old computer

    For many years, computers have played an important role in our lives, regardless if we use them for work or entertainment. People that made an upgrade and bought a new computer recently it is very likely that their old computer has started to gather dust stored somewhere.

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    Posted July 15, 2018 by

    How to choose the right TV for your home

    In these modern times where we are surrounded with all kinds of devices that either make our life easier or just improve our entertainment. When it comes to TV, the same rule applies, or both of them do. Depending on the type of user, some people use them for entertainment only, or some use them […]

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    Posted July 14, 2018 by

    How to get Android P features on your phone

    Several months ago, Google announced the ninth update version of the most commonly used smartphone operating system. Codenamed Android P, this version is a major overhaul of the currently stable android version 8.1 – Oreo. The first available beta version was released two months after being announced was available only for Pixel devices. At this […]

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    How to change default applications on Windows 10

    In the early days of computers, as we know them today, the choice of applications was very limited. This means that for a certain kind of tasks you would only one chose from. So, in those times you would have only one available app for email, calculator, browser etc.

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    Posted July 4, 2018 by

    How to find the right computer for you

    Regardless if you are buying a new computer for the first time or the 100th, picking the right computer if crucial decision. The reason for that is because you pay once for a piece of hardware that you intend on using more than a few days, so naturally you’d want to get something that would […]

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    How to block a website

    Every now and then every single one of us decided to take a short brake from work and started browsing our favorite pass-time website. The problem arises once that short brake turns to hours and hours of watched videos, liked statuses or upvotes. Once we get back to reality and continue working nothing is the […]

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    How to download Office 2019 Consumer Preview

    For 3 decades Microsoft provides us with tools that boos our productivity. In the late 80s Microsoft provided users with Word, Excel and PowerPoint each as a standalone installation. Several years later they released the Office Suite which contained all 3 applications in one installation package.

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    Posted June 29, 2018 by

    How to monitor CPU temperature

    The CPU or Central Processing Unit is the little piece of hardware that makes everything work. Think of it as the brain to your computer. When you power on your computer or laptop the CPU starts working and doesn’t stop until turn it off.

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    Posted June 2, 2018 by

    How to select which GPU your apps are using on Windows 10

    As we’ve been saying here for the past several weeks, the Aprils 2018 update for Windows 10 brought some very nice features that we get to play around with. Today’s feature that we are going to talk about is choosing which GPU should an app use.

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    Posted May 31, 2018 by

    How to create a bootable USB with Windows 10

    Over the past decade the spinning disks, CDs or DVDs, have started to lose popularity. The main reason for this is the fact that they are bigger, slower and require specific type of hardware in order to use them. USB drives on the other hand are smaller and have much faster speeds and the most […]

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    How to install Precision Touchpad Drivers on Windows 10

    Over the past decade laptops began to play a very important role in our daily lives. Regardless if we are using them for business or entertainment, they offer something that desktop PCs don’t – mobility. Being a mobile PC means that apart from the keyboard it has a device for controlling the pointer – the […]

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    How to get Gadgets on Windows 10

    In late 2006, many years after the release of Windows XP, Microsoft released the long-anticipated Windows Vista. It was a new and shiny version of the most commonly used operating system and even though it seemed like its XP with a visual overhaul it brought some features that users really liked. One of those are […]

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