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    Posted June 7, 2020 by

    How to Turn on Private Mode in LinkedIn

    LinkedIn offers lots of interesting features to hunt for jobs and contact potential clients. But did you know you can browse for those jobs and clients privately too if you wanted? LinkedIn’s private mode feature enables you to view any profile and search for any LinkedIn user…and they won’t even be notified you’re stalking them! […]

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    Posted June 5, 2020 by

    How to Restore Tabs on Google Chrome in Easy Steps

    Almost 50% of internet users prefer Google Chrome as their web browser. Since its release in 2008, the browser has made surfing easy for its users. Whether it is turning notifications on and off from a website or permanently adding your address for online forms, Chrome keeps it simple. Using Google Chrome means staying connected […]

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    Posted June 1, 2020 by

    How to Raise Your Hand on Zoom during a Meeting

    Zoom is the new go-to work platform for people all over the world. Working from home in a pandemic is made easy and effective through its feature-rich interface. No wonder, students greatly depend on it for classes as well as exams. But what is it that makes Zoom different and greatly preferred over other contenders? […]

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    Posted May 25, 2020 by

    How to Create Messenger Rooms on Instagram Direct

    Facebook recently came up with a group calling feature in its Messenger app. Most of the world is working from home and Facebook could not stay behind in the provision of a platform that makes it easier. On 14th May, Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of Messenger Rooms worldwide. Initially, the feature was only available […]

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    How to Record your WhatsApp Calls Using a Third-Party App

    It is nice to look at photographs and memorabilia from the past. Likewise, listening to saved audios is another way to reminisce. Besides voice recording, you can also save audio calls on your phone.  Some conversations are worth listening to, again.  Sometimes people record calls for future reference purposes. Others have this habit of quoting […]

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    How to Retweet with Comments on Twitter (Easily Quote your Tweets)

    Typing it out in a few words what you think about something is the trending way of sharing opinions today. Twitter, therefore, has been around for more than a decade now. It is a microblogging service. For the same reason, it is named Twitter: the chirping of a bird before it flies away. Likewise, the […]

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    How to Create a Facebook Messenger Room in Easy Steps

    Millions of people are using online meeting rooms to work from home in this worldwide lockdown. Apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have experienced a surge in profits. Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, also hasn’t let this opportunity pass. On May 14th, he announced the release of Messenger Rooms. This new […]

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    How to See Everyone on Zoom (Accessing the Gallery View)

    Zoom is the video conferencing behemoth nowadays. Everyone’s scrambling to salvage a semblance of the integrity their actual social lives brought with its teleconferencing capacities. While students have not appreciated the idea of using Zoom to attend online classes, others have certainly been more receptive. And it’s understandable. The application has some kickass features. From […]

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    How to Delete Messages from Facebook Messenger

    delete messages from facebook messenger

    Mark Zuckerberg alone had the authority to delete individual messages from Facebook Messenger. Mainstream users were only allowed to delete group Facebook chats. But, now everyone can access this feature. It lets you delete mistyped and accidental messages from your FB messenger inbox. Maybe you sent a proposal to a crush you weren’t ready for […]

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    Posted May 10, 2020 by

    How to Get TikTok Coins ( Through Legitimate Channels)

    While there are many channels to get your hands on TikTok coins, most of them are fronts for major scam operations. Especially, after the controversy surrounding TikTok’s privacy controls, the social media app has ramped up its monitoring system. This has led to the imposition of bans on users involved in fraudulent activity, such as […]

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    How to Delete your Facebook Games — Clean your FB Mess Easily

    Are you the victim of those horrible Facebook game requests? You must go through hell. But don’t worry because, in this Tech-Recipe, we’re going to teach you how to delete your Facebook games, and get rid of these nagging requests once and for all. This will streamline your Facebook experience like a pan. If you’re […]

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    How to Unmute Someone on Instagram — Regain Access to their Posts

    Aside from muting Instagram stories, you can also unmute someone on Instagram as a whole. Maybe, you had a quarrel with a friend, which filled you with disgust or shame, whenever you saw their post appear on your feed. Maybe it’s because of something else you choose to zip their Instagram lip. Whatever the reason, […]

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