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    Posted November 9, 2020 by

    How to Remove Suggested Posts on Instagram

    Instagram introduced the Suggested Posts feature back in May 2020. The reason, it claimed, for rolling out this feature the general public has grown to dislike, is to help the platform drive user discovery and engagement. Even though it seems to be fulfilling that purpose for the social media giant, it is not so much […]

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    How to Pin Comments on Instagram

    Pinning a comment on a post makes it live at the top of all the hundreds or even thousands of other comments made on that post. It’s a way of curating a conversation around a post, any post. You can set a certain kind of tone to your post(s) by pinning comments. You could, for […]

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    Posted November 8, 2020 by

    How to Create Instagram Reels

    Instagram has recently released an exciting, creative feature, Instagram Reels. The feature, within the app and released in the US and 50 other countries so far, is becoming the new Instagram-fed drug for IG users. It takes Instagram stories and boomerangs to the next level; there are more features associated with Instagram reels. Basically, reels […]

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    How To Change the Color of Your Messages on Instagram

    Having bright, vibrant colors and gradients against a dark theme in apps is perhaps everyone’s choice these days. However, unlike most social media platforms today, Instagram has gone a step further than its rivals and introduced an even more exciting feature in its chat section. There, you can select themes as well as colors and […]

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    Posted October 16, 2020 by

    5 Great Tech Skills to Learn During Lockdown

    Just as every destruction breeds creativity, so has the COVID-19 pandemic these days. As devastating as its continuous effects are, it has also provided the masses ample time. Time to finish books one started but never got to read till the end. To take care of household fixtures one barely got to notice due to […]

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    Best Games to Play On Zoom To Make Lockdown More Fun

    If you associated words like work and/tiring with Zoom, reconsider. Your time on Zoom can be made fun and exciting, too. For right after you’re done with a meeting with, let’s say, work colleagues, you can ring up your friends and play games on Zoom. Due to its high quality and functionality, it’s peoples’ top […]

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    How to Free up WhatsApp Storage Space with Storage Manager (Updated)

    Clearing space in your device is vital, but can be tedious at times. In fact, you’d be surprised to know how much junk files are eating space in your device. When it comes to WhatsApp, media files-GIFs, audios, documents, images,etc.-are stored in your device’s media library, where you can see them every time. This is […]

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    How to Upload your Videos to Google Drive Easily

    Google Drive isn’t just an excellent repository for documents. It’s also equally great to safely store video content. If you’re wondering how to upload your videos to google drive, there’s a couple of ways to do this. We’ll discuss these in this tutorial. Moreover, once you’ve uploaded a video to Google drive, you can also […]

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    How to Schedule A Google Meet

    During these COVID-19 days, the trend of Zoom meetings and conferences is not slowing down any time soon…but so is the case with Google Meets. Professionals, large conglomerates, home-based tutors, everyone alike is using it, all the same, to meet virtually. It’s just as simple and convenient-perhaps more so-than setting up a Zoom meeting. Keep […]

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    How to Clear Your Pinterest Search History

    Clearing search history from any app or browser erases all the searches made in that particular platform. Just like clearing your browser history, you can also clear ‘search’ history in apps, including Pinterest. With just a tap of a button, all the searches you ever made in said app will vanish into thin air, leaving […]

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    How to Download Videos From Pinterest

    Pinterest pins come in the form of videos, audios and even GIFs…it’s not just about the images. Saving and/or downloading images from Pinterest is super easy; just takes a tap of a button. But you can also download videos from Pinterest. You will just need 2 things for that: the URL of the video pin, […]

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    How to Save Images from Pinterest

    Out of the trillions and trillions of amazing pins in Pinterest-from categories like music to food and so much more-you can save each and every single one of them! Yes, that’s right. With a tap of a single button, you can download any and every pin present on this vast, diverse image sharing social media […]

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