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    How to Stop People from Adding you to Whatsapp Groups

    Are you tired of leaving Whatsapp groups that you never wanted to be a part of, to begin with? Lately, I’ve been the victim of a serious Whatsapp breach. Getting notifications from strange Whatsapp groups, with people spurting nonsense that I have no interest in has left me infuriated and frustrated beyond measure.

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    How to Multiply in Excel — 4 Easy Solutions

    You can use many different methods to multiply in excel. They are quite similar to the protocols used for subtraction, addition, and division. Each has its own use. Some are suitable for multiplying within single cells, whereas others are used for multiplying an entire range or column of cells.

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    How to Remove Duplicates in Excel

    When you’re working with massive piles of data or dealing with an aggregation of spreadsheets, identifying and removing duplicate rows can turn into back-breaking manual labor. However, with the right knowledge and tools, you can automate this process in excel.

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    How to Subtract in Excel — Basic Excel Guide

    There are many different methods you can use to subtract in Excel. All of them have their own use. Some are perfect for performing subtraction within cells, while others are more suitable for subtracting an entire range of cells.

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    How to Add Drop Down List in Excel – Data Validation Lists

    A drop-down list in Excel can limit and regulate the number of entries in a single cell. You can use it to better organize your spreadsheet by containing the length of its data. In my opinion, learning how to add drop down list in Excel is essential if you want to save valuable time and […]

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    How to Add in Excel – Master The Basics of Excel

    microsoft excel

    There are many ways of adding two or more numbers in excel. You will have to get familiar with crafting formulas, which isn’t that complex. Learning how to construct formulae will not only teach you how to add in excel but also multiply, divide and subtract. In this tutorial, however, our main focus will be […]

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    How to Remove Followers on Instagram — The Easiest Way

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    Some Instagram users hasten to get Instagram followers without weighing in the implications. What this unthinkable drive to earn “quick fame” does is drive stalkers, bots, and strangers. They add no value whatsoever to your Instagram account and only serve the purpose of increasing “hollow statistics”.

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    How to Add Video to PowerPoint Presentation – Simplest Method

    There’s a reason why people drone and yawn over powerpoint presentations. Who likes sitting for hours on end,  his gaze fixated on bland text? We live in an age where video content has taken over the world by storm. And for good reason, too. It’s interesting, it’s direct and doesn’t drain attention spans.

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    How to Ask Questions on Instagram story — the Easy Way

    how to request verification on Instagram

    Instagram stories have been steadily evolving and garnering a fan base. One thing that I love about Instagram stories is their fleeting nature. They vanish into stardust like rare magic after 24 hours, compelling users to interact with them with a swift enthusiasm.

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    How to Use Google Hotels: Everything You need to Know

    In a grand attempt to overtake hotel booking giants like and Kayak, Google rolled out its very own flagship booking platform similar to Google flights ― Google Hotels.  Built on the same algorithms Google flight works on, it provides extra functionality compared to its competitor websites. Many believe that it’s destined to be to […]

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    How to Find Cheap Flights with Google Flights — Complete Guide

    Google Flights header

    Booking cheap flights to your favorite destinations used to be an uphill task. You had to go through the tedious hassle of finding individual flights and comparing rates.

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    How to Delete Continue Watching on Netflix ― with Ease

    Netflix is your streaming pal. It saves the progress of your watched TV shows and movies in the form of a continue watching list on your homepage. This enables you to resume a movie or TV show from where you left off. Quite convenient, isn’t it?

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