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    How to Change Your Age on Tik Tok to Reverse the Underage Ban

    The FTC has taken pace in banning underage accounts after severe accusations were leveled against Tik Tok’s policies. Since then, we have received a rise in requests asking to explain the process to change one’s age on the platform.

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    How to Get Famous on TikTok Fast Through Legitimate Channels

    Everyone wants to rise to quick fame on the new social media sensation, TikTok. However, only a fortunate and wise few make it. Here, at Tech-Recipes, we’re often asked a simple question, “how do I become a TikTok superstar?”, and it’s only fair that we give a comprehensive answer.

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    How to Delete your Tik Toks – Individual Posts and in Bulk

    Deleting a single Tik Tok is pretty straightforward. However, when it comes to deleting all of your tik toks, without manually removing them one-by-one, can take some doing. Don’t worry, though. We have you covered. In this Tech-recipes, we will teach you how to do both in the simplest and shortest way possible.

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    How to Block Someone on Tik Tok [Easy Steps with Pictures]

    TikTok, unlike other social platforms, is relatively safe. People haven’t reported as many incidences of bullying, hate speech, or spamming. However, no one is safe from some kind of backlash, not even on Tiktok. And sometimes, the only choice you have left to get rid of some stalker, or blackmailing cheapshot, is to block them […]

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    How to Download Tik Tok Videos for Offline Viewing

    Do you know what I love about Tik Tok? A lot of things! I’m a fanatic of the app. I have never understood why other apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter haven’t taken its lead. Why do they have so many security cordons? Why do they make it so difficult to download and save videos? […]

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    How to Reverse your Tik Tok Videos In Simple Steps (2019 Updated)

    The Tik Tok reverse video feature is quite similar to Instagram’s boomerang. The only difference is that Boomerang puts your short clips in an endless loop. Tik Tok’s reverse, on the other hand, simply plays your videos in reverse.

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    How to Duet on Tik Tok with Friends and Tik Tok Superstars

    Tik Tok, formerly, has come a long way since its inception. It’s no longer a second-grade social media app. Now, it has mustered fan base and the courage to stand toe-to-toe with giants like Instagram and Facebook. Though not as diverse as these behemoth platforms, it thrives in what it knows best: creating and […]

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    How to Delete Your Tik Tok Account (2019 Updated Tutorial)

    The Tik Tok storm swept the world away. It amassed millions of users from all over the world in a matter of months. And it has continued its forward stride with an even greater ferocity since then. However, it has cost people, like any other social media website, their productivity, social drive and increased their […]

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    How to See Message Requests on Facebook Messenger (2019 updated)

    Ever wondered why you aren’t getting Facebook messages from hot chicks? Well, it might be because they’re not interested in you. But chances of that happening are pretty less, considering the hot delicious hunk you are *wink*. The most probable reason could be that you’re not checking a hidden section in Facebook Messenger, which stores […]

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    How to Search for Songs Using their Lyrics in Apple Music

    Ever had a song’s name lost to the dim cellar of memory? You’re not the first one. However, you can light up this cellar and ease your way back to the entire song if you remember even a small part of it. The new update in Apple Music gives you this power by letting your […]

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    How to Print your Word Documents without Comments or Markups

    The track changes feature on Word is great to edit out mistakes. However, when it comes to printing it can cause some problems. No one wants to print out a piece of paper riddled with red highlights and cuttings. Fortunately, there’s a way to print a clean, comment-free document. This Tech-Recipe will teach you. It […]

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    How to Create Customized Whatsapp Stickers Instantly

    Whatsapp rolled out its newest update to introduce fun and exciting Whatsapp stickers. While it is very straightforward to use Whatsapp stickers in the Whatsapp app, it isn’t as easy to create your own, personalized Whatsapp stickers.

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