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    Posted July 12, 2018 by

    How to Block Someone on Snapchat in the Updated App

    Snapchat is a great way to meet new people and form longstanding bonds. Unfortunately, sometimes, we makes friends on a whim, and add them on our Snapchat accounts without weighing in the long-term implications.  We post a lot of private stuff on Snapchat, from weird videos to awkward wardrobe moments. Obviously, we wouldn’t want every […]

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    Posted July 11, 2018 by

    Where are my drafts on twitter? — Access your drafts

    Where are my drafts on twitter? This is a question many users ask on twitter but not many know the answer to. But first in what instances does one need to access his drafts? Well, say, you’re writing a tweet, and due to connectivity or some other unexpected reasons, the tweet fails to get posted, you’re […]

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    Posted July 10, 2018 by

    How to Download Google Maps Offline — Navigate Anytime!

    It’s almost impossible to navigate in unfamiliar territories without the assistance of Google Maps. Sometimes, we just don’t have the luxury of free Internet. There are places where signals abruptly drop, and the Internet services go down with them. It’s always better to have a contingency plan. Cursing your Mobile network doesn’t solve your predicament. At times like […]

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    How to Change Twitter Font Size — Enlarge Your Tweets

    Many users have complained about twitter’s inflexibilities when it comes to fonts. For one, they only give you permission to post your tweets in a single font style. How is that fair? For such a popular website, it should have a host of options to accommodate the growing needs of its ever-growing members. But alas! […]

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    How to Change Google Maps voice — Switch to a Different Navigator

    Everyone, at some point, gets bored from listening to the same navigator again and again. A navigator is no less than a companion on a journey. Sometimes, a change of navigator is refreshing. Repetition is the one thing that kills the human spirit and diminishes the capacity for curiosity. Learning how to change Google Maps […]

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    How to Block All Incoming Calls on an Android Device

    Sometimes, all you want to do is get away from everyone. Solitude is a beautiful thing. It gets you in touch with your sprawling imagination. The distractions that people bring not only halt your academic progress, but also make you lazy and unambitious. There’s nothing wrong in cutting the world off at times. It doesn’t […]

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    How to Sort Bookmarks on Chrome — Alphabetize Your Bookmarks

    Bookmarks can become a complete mess if left on their own accord. We visit a lot of websites on a daily basis, from Wikipedia to random websites citing relationship rules, and find it necessary to bookmark them all, for one reason or another. The sole purpose of bookmarking these websites is so that locating them […]

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    How to Make a Post Shareable on Facebook — Reach a Wider Audience

    Facebook is currently the biggest social media app with the highest number of users. It is a great way to connect with people. You can see what your friends are up to and stay updated with whatever is happening around you. It is also a great platform for business companies to connect with the masses […]

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    How to Set Parental Controls on YouTube

    With internet access becoming a more common commodity, parents are becoming concerned about the content their kids are being exposed to. And their concern is justified too since now anyone can have access to whatever media they want. Your kids may only be searching for their favorite cartoons on YouTube but how can you stop […]

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    Posted June 30, 2018 by

    How to Disable Google Assistant on an Android Device

    Google Assistant is giving unwanted assistance to Android users. My Android device has reached the all-familiar buggy state, where every app either gets permanently stuck or loads at sloth-like speeds. I have been frustrated to the point of smashing my phone into the wall. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has […]

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    Parental Control Android: Control Your Kid’s Online Activity

    In this day and age, parent’s need to have control over the apps their kids use. Social media addiction is a serious problem. It has had a bruising impact on the physical and psychological growth of children. In our times, in the absence of these technological obsessions, kids used to thrive. Sure, there were many […]

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    How to Find Your Phone Number on an Android Device

    If you just got a new phone, you might not have memorized your own phone number yet. Or perhaps you are somebody who is not good with numbers so you keep forgetting it. None of us have to use our own phone numbers very often, so the chance of forgetting your own phone number is […]

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