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    Posted July 7, 2018 by

    How to Make a Windows PC Look Like a Mac

    If you want to try a new look for your Windows PC, then you have come to the right place. There’s no better way of customizing your device that to make your Windows PC look like a Mac. This article will discuss how you can modify your Windows computer to different drafts and signatures.

    Posted July 6, 2018 by

    How to Make Your PC Run Faster

    Got a slow computer? We understand how frustrating it is. What makes it harder is that you do not have the funds to purchase a new one. Don’t worry. We got your back. This article will teach you how to make your PC run faster.

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    Posted July 5, 2018 by

    How to Start Windows in Safe Mode

    Whenever your Windows computer or laptop show signs of errors, corrupted files, or refuses to function normally, then there could be a program that’s keeping your device from working properly. One way of diagnosing the problem is to start Windows in Safe Mode. When in Safe Mode, Windows will only load the basic resources upon […]

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    How to Add Emergency Contacts on Samsung Galaxy Phones

    Emergency contacts are the trusted people whom you can immediately contact during emergencies. They are pre-chosen so that whenever you are in an emergency situation, you do not have to manually contact the one by one or go to the hassle of scrolling through your phone’s contacts. This article will teach you how to add […]

    Posted June 28, 2018 by

    How to Find Your Wi-Fi Password on Your Computer

    Forgetting one’s Wi-Fi password is never an uncommon thing. With the amount of data stored and being processed by our brains every second, some data can get discarded especially if you do not use it all the time – like your Wi-Fi password. Don’t worry. We got you covered. This article will discuss how to […]

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    Posted June 26, 2018 by

    How to Stop Auto-Downloading of Media Files on WhatsApp

    By default, WhatsApp automatically download media files and saves them to your phone’s internal or external storage. Though this is a good way for media files to seamlessly appear on your messages, this can be a nightmare for users who are running out of storage space. This article will teach you how to stop auto-downloading […]

    Posted June 24, 2018 by

    How to Force Close iPhone Apps

    When an iPhone app refuses to respond, causes problems with your phone, or runs in conflict with other apps, you can close the app to fix the issue it is causing. For those apps that refuse to close, you can force to close them but force closing iPhone apps may be a bit tricky to […]

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    Posted June 23, 2018 by

    How to Use Your Voice to Unlock Android

    Let’s face it. Everyone wants to be flashy in some ways. How about showing off to your friends that your phone has the latest state-of-the-art voice command technology. Show them how you can use your voice to unlock Android devices. Don’t worry. We got you covered.

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    Posted June 20, 2018 by

    How to Send SOS Messages on Samsung Galaxy Phones

    You’ll never know when you will need emergency help. Since your phone is usually one of the things that you always carry with you, it would be best t maximize its use. Aside from the usual message and call features, you can use your Samsung Galaxy phone for emergency purposes. Learn how you can send […]

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    How to Change or Add Email on Facebook

    Facebook allows users to add emails to their accounts. In this age of information and technology, it is uncommon for people to have a single email. Most people maintain at least two emails – one for business and the other for personal use. If you want to change or add email on Facebook, then this […]

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    Posted June 18, 2018 by

    How to Broadcast Viber Messages

    Instantly send a message to multiple Viber contacts without them knowing the recipients of your messages by broadcasting your Viber message. Broadcasting Viber messages is a good way to send a message to your preferred contacts if you do not want your group chats to be flooded with responses. This article will teach you how […]

    Posted June 16, 2018 by

    How to Protect Your Facebook Account Privacy – All the Things You Need to Do

    When it comes to tech and the internet in general, two buzzing words have been making the rounds in almost all facets of the world wide web today – these are Facebook and privacy. This article will discuss all the things that you should do to protect your Facebook account privacy.