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    Posted April 1, 2020 by

    How to Get Started With Your First Android App

    This tech-recipe is a complete guide on getting started with Android studio. Let’s say that you are about to build your first Android App. There are a few things that you need to know. First, we will develop an Android app using Java, not kotlin. Secondly, you might have heard that the Android studio is […]

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    Posted March 29, 2020 by

    How to Enable Developer Options and USB Debugging in Android

    Android Studio enables developers to test their apps on their own Android phones. So instead of testing your app on a AVD, Android Virtual Device, you can run the app on your own android phone. This method works much faster than the Android Virtual Devices. In this Tech-Recipe, you will learn how to Enable Developer […]

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    Posted March 26, 2020 by

    How to Setup Android Virtual Device in Android Studio

    There are two ways you can run and test your under-developed app. You can either use an AVD, Android Virtual Device, or you can use your own Android Mobile Phone. We have done a Tech-recipe on using real Android phone for testing and running. This Tech-Recipe will focus on setting up an Android Virtual Device […]

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    Posted March 23, 2020 by

    How to Download SDK Tools for Android Studio

    Android studio is the most famous and important development platform in the programmer world. Wearables, embedded devices, mobile phones, Televisions even car tablets run on the Android operating system.

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    Posted March 21, 2020 by

    How to Manage Scenes in Unity

    Unity games are not just composed of one scene. Games rarely have one level. Many games consist of infinite levels. Ever heard of the infinite runner? Such games have random behavior added to them. We have already discussed the effects of randomness in games. This tech-recipe will show how you can Manage Scenes in Unity

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    Posted March 13, 2020 by

    How to Make Prefabs in Unity

    Prefabs is short for prefabricated objects. When you completely give a game object its required behavior, you have fabricated it into a working model. To use the same game object again in your game, you can’t just duplicate it in the hierarchy. In fact, unity has an option for you. Check out this Tech-recipe, How […]

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    Posted March 12, 2020 by

    How to Add Different Audios in Unity (Part 2) | Unity 3D

    In precious tech-recipe, we taught you basic audio addition to the game. In this tech-recipe, we will cover the addition of all sorts of sounds in the game. Check out this tech-recipe, How to Add Different Audios in Unity

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    Posted March 9, 2020 by

    How to Add Audio in Unity | Unity 3D Game Development

    Have you ever played a game without audio? I believe that half of the adrenaline rush in a game is caused by the audio effect. If you want to develop a horror game there’s no point without the mysterious noises. In this tech recipe we will show you How to Add Audio in Unity.

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    Posted March 5, 2020 by

    How to Rotate and Move Pickup Objects Up and Down.

    Games are supposed to have a lot going on around the environment. You need to capture the minds of players. As a game maker, you should be an expert in distracting the player. Keep the players mind off the actual target, that’s exactly what makes the game more challenging for the player. How to Rotate […]

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    Posted March 3, 2020 by

    How to Make a Glass Wall in Unity

    Unity is all about simulating real-life situations. Real-life materials like glass, metal, etc are also available for use. If you want the player to see itself, you can create a mirror wall. You can even create a disco ball. So sky is the limit.

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    Posted February 29, 2020 by

    How to Pick Objects in Unity | Unity 3D Game Development

    It is often a basic game requirement for the player to pick up the item. Picking up items is also followed by an increase in score. In this Tech-Recipe we will show you how the player can Pick Objects in Unity.

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    Posted February 25, 2020 by

    How to Move the Player in Unity | Force and Physics in Unity

    A¬†player of a game is a participant therein. There can be 1 or many players. Multiplayer games are more common these days. Call of Duty, PUBG, GTA are all multiplayer games. But since we are just beginning we will look at the basics first. In this Tech-Recipe we will cover How to Move the Player […]

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