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    Excel: Use Synchronous Scrolling and Split Multiple Column/Rows in Vertical/Horizontal View

    When you have a large collection of data in an Excel spreadsheet, you may find you need a simple method for manipulating the data or for comparing the data to that of another spreadsheet. Fortunately, Excel includes some powerful features that, when used in combination, will save time and make your job easier.

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    Adobe Lightroom: How to Quickly Review, Select, and Email Your Photos

    lightroom feature share

    Owning a digital camera can allow anyone to take great photos. However, one of the cons of using a digital camera is that we can easily forget how many clicks we have made on a single photo shoot. Using the following techniques in Lightroom, we can pick out and share only our best photographs.

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    Mac: “Downloaded .app is damaged and can’t be opened” Error Solved

    Mac .app Installation Error

    Mac OS X security by default does not allow all .app extensions to be installed. At worst, it will throw an error message that the app “is damaged and can’t be opened.” This error makes you believe that the downloaded app is corrupted and that there is no application that could let it open. However, […]

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    Beginner Photography: What is Depth of Field?

    DoF Article

    One of the secrets to professional-looking photography is mastering exactly how much of your photograph is in focus. Controlling the depth of field (DOF) allows you to set which objects are focused and which are blurred. This tutorial explains depth of field with examples and describes how to utilize this essential skill with your camera.

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    Lightroom 5: How to Merge a Catalog from an Older Version

    Lightroom Version 5 GeoLocation Tagging

    Many of us having been using Lightroom through multiple versions now. Merging version 2, 3, or 4 Lightroom catalogs into the latest version of Lightroom can be accomplished through the following steps. Instructions provided will work for both Windows and Mac systems.

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    Photography: How to Read an MTF Chart

    An MTF chart represents the ability of a lens to accurately transfer contrast to the sensor. These scientific measurements allow photographers to compare aspects important to contrast reproduction, sharpness, and bokeh quality.

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