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    Posted April 30, 2007 by

    avast!: Prevent Popup Messages from Appearing During Game Play

    It is always frustrating to be in the middle of a good gaming session and to have the avast! antivirus application popup a message regarding an update. You can stop avast! (both the Home and Professional editions) from displaying popup messages while you are running a game by following these steps. Right-click the avast! notification […]

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    Posted February 26, 2007 by

    Word: Adding Sidebar Content to a Document

    A sidebar is a standalone addition to the main document that resides on either side or on the top or bottom of the page. The sidebar is ideal for highlighting important additional information on the topic matter of the document. Due to its styling and orientation, this location really stands out to the reader.

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    Posted February 26, 2007 by

    Excel: Print Only Selected Part of a Spreadsheet

    If you are working with a large spreadsheet, you may want to only print a portion of the total worksheet. Why print out 1200 rows of data when you only need 25? Using these steps you can define what area you want printed just by having an area selected. These steps work in Excel 2007 […]

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