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    Top 6 Free MySQL Hosting Services – Give Your Wallet a break


    Nowadays, you barely see a PHP driven website that doesn’t store its data with a MySQL database. Released in 1995 (first version), this open-source database management system has turned into a crucial part of a website. Perhaps, this is the one major reason, many webmasters look for free MySQL hosting. If you’re one of them, […]

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    Top 5 Java Website Hosting Services


    Are you in search of a reliable Java website hosting service? Congratulations! You search ends here. In this post, we will introduce the top 5 globally recognized Java web hosts that have earned trust within the web hosting industry and are being loved by millions of users across the globe. However, before you jump into […]

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    5 Best Hosting Sites for 2018 – Trusted by Millions of users

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    Which web hosting company should I trust? It’s a great puzzle. Since choices are endless and every company claims to be reliable and customer-centric, finding the best web hosting provider is a hard row to hoe. And if you are entirely new in the world of web hosting, it is more difficult for you. But […]

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    5 Best PHP Hosting Services for 2018 – Choose the right one for your website

    Want to build a top-notch website that is not only a fully customized but also powerful enough to offer you outstanding performance? If yes, definitely you need to host your CMS platform with the best PHP hosting service that comes with a combination of unmatched features, customer support, reliability, and affordability. Unfortunately, finding such a […]

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    Top 5 Free WordPress Hosting for 2018


    Free! This word can tempt anyone. After all, who doesn’t like FREE things? Whether it is a free music concert pass or free mug of Beer, we can’t help ourselves. Right? But remember, all free things are not equal in value, especially when it comes to free WordPress hosting services. If you will take a […]

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    5 Best Email Hosting for 2018 – Connect to Your Visitors Smartly


    For any online business, an email is one of the most important tools to communicate with their target audience. Whether you are a blogger or run an eCommerce store, an email service helps your business in a plenty of ways. For instance, it increases your brand recognition, enhances credibility, attracts new opportunities and lets you […]

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