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    How To Stop All Friend Requests On Facebook

    Facebook, as we all know is an amazing platform which is fun filled and also more likely the best place to get a huge circle of friends. I know almost everyone loves friends on Facebook but it gets really annoying when people you don’t know send requests. I am going to teach you How To Stop […]

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    Posted August 26, 2018 by

    How To Change Country Settings On Twitter

    Change country settings on Twitter

    Have you thought of a way to change country settings on Twitter? or perhaps you are not aware that country settings on Twitter can be changed? Well, look no further,  today I am going to show you how to change country settings on Twitter.

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    Posted August 25, 2018 by

    How to Disable Automatic Facebook Updates on Android

    Disable Automatic Facebook Updates on Android

    Some time ago I wrote an article on How to block a page on Facebook and I want to believe that it was helpful to everyone who read it. I was actually about to write an article on another topic when a friend of mine asked me if it’s possible to Disable Automatic Facebook Updates On […]

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    How To Turn On Night Mode On Twitter

    Turn on Night Mode on Twitter

    Tired of using Twitter default bright background at night? here is good news for you, Twitter has provided a feature where you can activate night mode. What is night mode on twitter? Simply, I would say it is a feature on Twitter that makes its background darker with less light at night. I find this feature very […]

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    How To Block A Page On Facebook

    Are you an active Facebook user? and is there a particular page you want to block? maybe because they post too much or engage in all manner of unpleasant conversations that you sometimes don’t find interesting at all? And some time ago you spent time in removing some of these unnecessary conversations yet it keeps […]

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    How To Go Live on Facebook Page

    Go live On Facebook Page

    Do you own a Facebook page where you advertise your business brand? or perhaps you are an administrator on a Facebook page? well, the good news is that you can share Live feeds with your page followers. How to go live on Facebook is a key topic that has been searched by Facebook page administrators […]

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    How to Block Event Invites on Facebook

    Block Event Invites On Facebook

    Facebook boasts of lots of features that make every moment worth your while. When most privileges given to us by Facebook are abused by our friends on Facebook, we are left with no choice other than to address it. Facebook has a feature called “Events” We create Facebook events and Invite friends for events which […]

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    How to Enable Motion Photo on Samsung

    How to Enable Motion Photo on Samsung

    Samsung phones have undoubtedly hit different major store shelves all around the world and Samsung has posed to be one of the best smart android phones because of its sweet and unique display (User interface) and its amazing features. Talking about its amazing features like; water-resistant, sharp camera quality, good performance chipset, and its very […]

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    How to Hide Active Status on Facebook Messenger

    Hide Active Status On Facebook Messenger

    Some days Ago I wrote an article on how to hide active status on Facebook an I guess it worked out for everyone who read it. Hours ago from writing this article I received a question from a friend, he asked, “Can I hide active status on Facebook messenger?” The answer to that question is […]

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    How to Report a Problem on Instagram

    Report a Problem on Instagram

    Instagram being an online photo sharing and networking service with millions of daily users may develop some technical problems. Many users may be searching for ways to report a problem on Instagram while some others may not know that these problems you encounter on Instagram can be reported. Well here is the good news, Instagram has […]

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    How To Turn off Automatic Updates on Instagram

    Did you know that Instagram has a feature that lets or allows the App to update automatically over WIFI? Well, yes, there is. Personally, I think before any App should get an update, I should be notified first. This article is aimed at showing you how to turn off automatic updates on Instagram with much […]

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    How To Change Google Assistant Voice

    Change Google assistant voice

    Google, as we all know, is likely the most popularly used search engine in the world, Google records billions of daily users thus far, this is because of its swift and amazing features, also google has provided quality service to its users over the years. One of the qualities and useful feature is the google […]

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