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    How To Get The Best Hosting Prices In 2019

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    When you’re setting up your website, the best web hosting is not necessarily the cheapest. You should never settle for second best, considering how important reliable hosting is. Choose the right hosting option for you, and pay whatever it takes.

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    How To Get Gmail Add-Ons

    How To Get Gmail Add-Ons

    Google has done it again. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any smarter, it did so by integrating some of your favorite tools right into its Gmail platform, for a seamless way to operate and do business.

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    How To Use Voice Typing On Google Docs

    How To Use Voice Typing On Google Docs

    Google announced it has added free speech-to-text capabilities to Google Docs (Google calls it Voice Typing). This would have been huge news 20 years ago, yet when Google unveiled it, it was only described in a single paragraph in the middle of a larger blog entry. In a world with Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and […]

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    How To Unsend Messages On Facebook Messenger

    Facebook Messenger now allows you to unsend messages. Facebook has followed through on providing users with an option of unsending messages after it was revealed that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had access to the explicit option last year. Here is how this new Facebook option with a limited time works:

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    Features To Look for When Looking for Tracking Apps for Your Devices

    A tracker can help you keep track of your loved ones, especially your children or the progress of your business. How do you get the best tracking app in the market? A lot of companies have come up with different tracking apps. However, they all have different features that sets each of them apart.

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    How To Get Add-ons On Google Docs

    A word processor requires very little a blank page, typography tools, and a way to save, print, or share your finished documents. The earliest word processors like Word for DOS and WordPerfect offered little more than that. An update here, a new version there, and 30+ years later, word processors offer an embarrassment of riches with […]

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    Emergency plumber marketing and lead generation

    In the current scenario, people are looking forward to focusing on different business niches in order to witness a good profit. At the same time, it is important for business owners in terms of reaching the maximum number of people. By reaching the maximum number of people, you can lead your business in a better […]

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    How To Use Dictionary On Google Docs

    Some students use assistive technology software as an accommodation to help them to write. For example, Talking Word Processor is nice because it predicts words as you type, and also if you double-click a word, it will give you the definition to help avoid homonym errors. But, not everyone needs assistive technology. Sometimes it can […]

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    How to Start Playing Games Online

    Technology has been slowly revolutionizing the way we go about our daily lives. Among the many advancements that we have seen over the last decade, there has been a significant change in the gaming and gambling industry. We are going to show you how to Start Playing Games Online.

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    How To Create Watch Party On Facebook

    Create A Watch Party On Facebook

    The Facebook social media platform has launched a new feature known as “Watch Party”.  Watch Party is a Facebook feature that allows users to watch videos on the platform in real time. Here’s what you should know about it, and also how it works, and how to create your own Watch Party on Facebook with your […]

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    How To Tweet With Location On Twitter

    Twitter has been expanding its service with different new features including adding a location to your tweet. While adding a location to your tweets may be a welcoming idea to some users, revealing one’s location on Twitter may not be welcoming to others. Below is what you need to know about this Twitter function. Tweeting with […]

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    How To Add Friends To Instagram Close Friends List

    Before now social media platforms were just for sharing different things with your friends. Then you decided to look up your old friends from high school and added them to your social media accounts so you can easily keep tabs on who got a baby or who got engaged. Your parents or siblings got on […]

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