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    How To Listen To Music On Android

    Get your phone ready, get ready to experience more life listening to music from your phone’s music player or an installed music player and then you ask yourself is there more? Music is very vital in relaxing, if you don’t know were your music player is on your Android device or you’re just plain old […]

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    How To Use Name Tag On Instagram

    Introducing the latest, newest and coolest feature on Instagram right now, is the Nametag feature on Instagram that allows you to use name tag on Instagram to view and follow friends on Instagram without typing in long usernames to search for contacts and friends. Basically, for those that don’t really understand what a Nametag is, it […]

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    How To Create 3D Photos on Facebook -Three Dimensional Photo Mode

    3d photos on facebook

    Recently, Facebook made a huge upgrade to their App by introducing an amazing feature called “3D photos”. 3D photos is a new way to share special memories and moments in time with a fun, lifelike dimension in both News Feed and VR. This technology literally captures the distance between the subject in the foreground and […]

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    How To Make 360 Pics On Facebook

    Basically, 360 pics works with panorama mode on your Android or IOS device’s camera. The Panoramic mode on cameras allows you to cover fields of a lot of views, up to 360 degrees. A full 360 panorama photograph, reaches a horizontally elongated region of view that allows you to see every angle of the captured […]

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    How To Customize Google Chrome Background

    If you are looking for a way you can customize Google Chrome background to any image of your choice, it’s very possible. Customizing your Google Chrome background is very cool, it adds beauty and a bit of yourself into your Google Chrome background and makes it come alive. You can customize Google Chrome background to […]

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    How to view chrome saved passwords

    Hello there, and welcome to another informative article on How to view chrome saved passwords. When working with your PC or Android device, you must have gone through certain platforms where you are asked to fill in either your email address or create a username to have access into that platform. Now, none of those […]

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    How To Downgrade Microsoft Edge Browser

    Hey there, thanks for joining in this totally enlightening article that will show you How to downgrade Microsoft edge browser. Microsoft Edge is a simple and cool way to access the internet, an amazing lightweight browser, gives you unlimited access through your windows 10 on pc and windows 10 on mobile, Android devices, IOS and even though any Xbox […]

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    How to Add Music to Stories on Instagram

    How to add music to stories on Instagram

    Hello there, howdy to you all I just want to start this off by saying that adding music to your stories on Instagram is very important to juice up and add life to your daily story. The steps required to add music to stories on Instagram are quite simple, and if you follow me closely, […]

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    How to Change Default Gmail Account in Chrome and Gmail

    Hey, how’s it going viewers, I think it’s been a struggle for most of you guys including me, trying to set a default Gmail Account on our mobile phones and PC in Chrome or Gmail. For those that have more than one Gmail account and probably one for work and the other for personal use, it […]

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    How To Use Email Address To Find Someone On Facebook

    Use Email Address To Find Someone On Facebook

    Are you looking for an old friend of yours so you can communicate with on Facebook? but unfortunately, the only detail you have about the person at the moment is the person’s Email address, Perhaps it could be you received an email from someone whose details you cannot recognize and since you are curious about […]

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    How to switch to the new Twitter layout

    How to switch to the new Twitter layout

    Twitter is an American online news and social networking service on which users post and interact with short messages known as “tweets”. As we all know, social networking apps keep coming out with updates and modified features to maintain service quality and to keep the user base growing vastly as they strive to provide better services. […]

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    How To Ignore Messages On Facebook

    How To Ignore Messages On Facebook

    Since its creation, Facebook has been a very interesting platform with amazing features and is one of the world’s largest social media platform with billions of active users. Because of its vast populated users Facebook you can build a lot of fan base and make a lot of friends including old and new once on […]

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