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    How To Start Secret Conversations On Facebook Messenger

    start secret conversations on Facebook Messenger

    In case you have been searching for a way to make your conversations on Facebook even more secure, today is your lucky day! Facebook Messenger now offers the “secret conversation” option. So how exactly can you use this Facebook Messenger secret conversations option? Fortunately for you, it is quite simple.

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    How To Check If A Browser Is Clearing Cookies Automatically

    Check If A Browser Is Clearing Cookies Automatically

    Most people already know that there are several cookies scattered all over the Internet, and these cookies are ready to be eaten up by anyone who finds them first. Hold on, what? That cannot be right. Yes, cookies exist on the Internet (the World Wide Web), and yes, they are truly called “cookies”.  However, they […]

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    How To Create An IGTV Channel On Instagram

    How To Create An IGTV Channel

    In order to celebrate its achievement of reaching over 1 billion users, Instagram recently launched its single video-based app. The Instagram TV, or IGTV, gives users the opportunity of uploading vertical videos which can last for an hour. This creates a big opportunity for content creators who intend to share lengthy videos on the platform. […]

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    How To View Location History On Facebook

    Facebook’s method whenever it comes to the privacy of users has never been so much of a secret. However, the company and its practices have been thrown into the limelight, with Facebook users taking their data way more seriously than before. In case you are one of these users, you may desire to view your […]

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    How To View Search History On Facebook

    How To View Search History On Facebook

    Facebook is a world class social media platform, that gives it’s user the option of quickly searching for a person, page, group, service, etc., without having to go through several pages to get what they are looking for. Facebook for several years has been the choices of so many social media users as it offers […]

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    How To Set Nickname On Google Assistant

    Set Nickname On Google Assistant

    Google assistant totally amazing. Its features are top notch. Google assistant is an artificial intelligence powered virtual assistant developed by Google to aid and assist users to complete tasks and a lot more. In a previous post, I talked about how to activate Google assistant on your Android device, this needs to be done first […]

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    How To Create An Album On Google Photos

    create an album on Google photos

    Google photos is a great online photo storage brought to us by Google. You can develop two different kinds of albums using Google Photos website or the mobile application. The first type of album is the new standard album, which only you can see. In case you have the desire of sharing photos to others, […]

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    How To Set An Expiration Date When Sharing Files On Google Drive

    Set An Expiration Date When Sharing Files On Google Drive

    Google is a large community of people that are interested in different things amongst connecting between themselves. It offers a platform where files can be shared as well. If you are a big fan of Google Drive like me, This article is going to show you how to set an expiration date when sharing files […]

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    How To Fix Slow Firefox Browser

    fix slow firefox browser

    If your Mozilla Firefox browser has been running slow or loading web pages slowly and you want to fix that, you are on the right page. I have put together some tips that might be just what you need to boost your Mozilla Firefox browser to work as it should. If you are reading this […]

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    How To Stop Automatic Downloads On Google Chrome

    stop automatic downloads on google chrome

    Did you know that viruses and trojans can get into your PC by means of download? That’s the truth. If you have been a dedicated Google Chrome browser you would agree with me that there are weird moments when you open a website and then comes pop up ads and then a file starts downloading […]

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    How To Mute Websites In Google Chrome

    Google chrome is ranking as one of the best browsers one can find because of its flexibility, usability, and popularity. It has been proven over time to give better browsing experience for internet surfers and internet lovers. It brings to you personalized news articles, quick link to your favorite site, easy downloads, easy google search […]

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    How To Create GIFs On Android

    The technology world is good. You can have a better world when you are able to create your gifs by yourself with your Android device. After some research, I was able to come up with a very easy method that can be used to create GIFs on Android. You will basically need to download an […]

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