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    How to Improve Ecommerce SEO

    Improve Ecommerce SEO

    For Ecommerce business owners, the traffic that one gets is one of the key points that translates to the success or failure of a business. Doing it right guarantees the success of the whole process. The popularity that a site attains, on the other hand, will depend on its overall ranking on the search engines. […]

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    Posted October 21, 2016 by

    How to Browse the Internet Safely

    How to Browse the Internet Safely

    Today, we all are all aware of browsing dangers and that we need to protect our personal information. From inventing strong passwords and fighting never-ending spam to protecting your documents and private data, you constantly need to exercise caution in pretty much any type of activity online. To help you with that, use this basic […]

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    Posted September 24, 2016 by

    How to Create a Drop Down List in Google Sheets

    Google Sheets

    Creating a drop down list in Google Sheets using data validation is pretty simple. When a cell has data validation applied to it, people who use your spreadsheet will be able to select a value for the cell based on a list that you create. You can refer to the content selected in other cells, […]

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    How to Turn Off Pokemon Go Augmented Reality

    Pokemon Go

    A big part of what makes Pokemon Go so universally loved is that it gives players the ability to see Pokemon appear in the real world through augmented reality. In fact, Pokemon Go is the game that is introducing the concept of augmented reality to the masses. You can find plenty of articles like this one  which […]

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    How to Set Reminders in Facebook Messenger

    If a Facebook Messenger thread has a date and time in it, you can use that to create a reminder for everyone who is included in the thread. The reminder will be sent through Messenger to everyone who is in on the conversation.

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    Posted July 22, 2016 by

    Pokemon Go: How to Evolve Pokemon

    Pokemon Go

    To evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Go, you need to capture a large number of the same Pokemon. Each time you capture a Pokemon, you get three candies that are specific to that type of Pokemon. You can get an additional candy if you transfer Pokemon to Professor Willow. For instance, If I catch seven Charmanders, then I […]

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    How to Ensure Security When Shopping Online

    Online Shopping

    Shopping online is becoming more prevalent. The ease of this method makes it a more attractive form of shopping. People can make purchases from the comfort of their homes and have the items delivered to them a short while later. Despite its simplicity, there is a certain risk associated with online shopping. You often have […]

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    How to Change Graph Colors in Google Sheets

    Google Sheets Graph change pie chart colors

    Google Sheets makes creating basic graphs easy. In fact, it suggests graphs for you when you highlight tables of data. You will find that the interface of Google Sheets is different from Excel, and Google Sheets also does not have as many in-depth options as Excel. However, you can still create visually impactful graphs with […]

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    Posted June 16, 2016 by

    How to Highlight Cells Containing Specific Text in Google Sheets

    Google Sheets

    Google Sheets has a built-in conditional formatting tool that allows you to set rules that will pick out cells that meet your criteria and format them according to your specifications. You can use conditional formatting to format Non-Blank Cells, values above or below thresholds you set, or even custom formulas. In this tutorial, I will walk you […]

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    Posted June 15, 2016 by

    The Ultimate Guide for Successful Project Planning

    Successful Project Planning

    Your workplace assignments are not school projects where one person does all the work while the others get the credit. Work related assignments must be done collaboratively. Most importantly, these tasks need to be pre-planned and organized in order to ensure that they are managed well. When planning a project, you can make the task […]

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    How to Create a Soundcloud Playlist


    Soundcloud is a cloud-based music streaming service. It differs from competitors such as Spotify and Pandora in that it focuses on the social sharing of music and account holders can upload their own audio files to the site. Soundcloud offers a free account, or you can opt to pay $9.99/month for a “Soundcloud Go” account […]

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    How to Protect Cells in Google Sheets

    Google Sheets

    Google Sheets allows you to protect cells or sheets so that certain users cannot edit them. This is a great tool to use if you have a spreadsheet that is used by many people and you want to prevent them from accidentally deleting or typing over complicated formulas or valuable data. Use the steps in this […]

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