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    Posted August 19, 2014 by

    How Do I Forward Multiple Messages at Once on My Lumia Windows Phone?


    While forwarding a single message to a recipient is easy, forwarding multiple items can take a lot of time if done manually, one by one. Fortunately, it is possible to select multiple messages and forward all of them in one go. Here is how to do it on your Windows Phone.

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    Posted August 14, 2014 by

    How Do I Create a Folder of Apps on My Lumia Windows Phone?


    Since the Lumia phone’s Start screen is a collection of live tiles, keeping too many of them on the screen could clutter the interface and make it difficult to locate the apps you want quickly. In this case, grouping similar apps into a folder is an efficient way to organize your apps. Here is how […]

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    Posted August 13, 2014 by

    How Do I Hide Apps on My Lumia Windows Phone?


    If you have kids, chances are they often use your phone to play games. When they do, you may want to hide working apps, files, or inappropriate content from them and let them only access the apps or games that you choose. This task can be achieved using the Apps Corner feature in your Windows […]

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    How Do I Turn WiFi On or Off Automatically at a Specific Time on My Galaxy S5?


    The battery life of smartphones usually does not last long, and most brands typically require recharging frequently. Fortunately, turning off connections that are unnecessary or not in use can greatly increase battery life. While this task can be done manually, it is easily and often forgotten. On your Galaxy S5, you can turn connections like […]

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    How Do I Remove Facebook Search History from My Phone?


    For your convenience, Facebook for Android lists your recent searches whenever you search for something on your phone. While this feature is helpful when you need quick access to a previous search, it also exposes all of your private search terms so that anyone who has access to your phone can see them. To avoid an […]

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    Samsung Gear 2: Double-Press Power Button to Launch a Specific App


    The home button on the Gear 2 is useful for exiting an app and quickly going back to the main watch face. By double-pressing the button, you can also use it to launch apps or actions. By default, this action simply launches the recent app list, but you can configure it to launch your favorite app […]

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    How Do I View and Edit Google Drive Documents Offline?


    When you travel, working on documents stored on Google Drive may not be possible since you might not always have access to an Internet connection. Fortunately, Google Drive can be configured to run even without the Internet so that you can view and edit your documents no matter where you are. Here is how you […]

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    How Do I Move Message Threads to the Top of the Messages App on My Galaxy S5?


    If you text frequently, the number of threads inside your Messages app will rapidly increase. This makes finding the message threads of favorite or important contacts difficult. Luckily, on the Galaxy S5, you can choose specific threads to move to the top of the list so that you can see and access the ones you […]

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    How Do I Set a Timer to Turn Music Off on My iPhone, iPad, or iPod?

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    If you usually listen to music to fall asleep faster, chances are you may leave your phone playing music all night and wake up with an empty phone battery. To avoid this problem, you can estimate the time you need to fall asleep, and then set up a timer that can stop the music when […]

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    How Do I Change the Watch Face on LG G, Samsung Gear Live, or Motorola 360?

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    Customization has been an integral part of Android since its inception. Giving users the ability to personalize almost every aspect of the system is a key attribute that helps Android stand out from its competitors. The new Android Wear platform is no exception. While the level of customization falls short of the original Android platform, the ability […]

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