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    Posted July 28, 2014 by

    How Do I Move Android Apps from One Developer Account to Another?


    In the past, Google Play allowed developers from only a few countries to sell paid apps on the Play store. For developers in countries that were excluded, distributing paid apps under the account of a friend or company in supported countries was a common solution. However, as the Play store has expanded, more and more […]

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    Facebook: Rearrange Uploaded Photos


    By default, Facebook sorts uploaded photos by name. As a result, whenever you share multiple photos on Facebook, your friends will just be able to see some of the first ones that you uploaded, while the rest can only be viewed when someone scrolls through the full list of pictures. In many cases, the first few […]

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    How Do I Exclude Notifications from Specific Apps on Android Wear?

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    By default, all notifications on your Android phone will be sent to your watch. While seeing and interacting with your apps’ notifications from your wrist can be convenient, many types of notifications are completely unnecessary and could be a disruption. Luckily, you can manually create a custom list of apps that you want to display […]

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    Facebook: Save or Bookmark Links, Places, Music, or Events


    When you browse through the Facebook News Feed, you may find many helpful and informative posts, but you may not have the time to read them all at once. In such situations, you can save or bookmark the posts that interest you using the Save feature in Facebook and view them later. Since all of […]

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    How Do I Debug Apps on the Android Wear Emulator?

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    During the app development process, debugging helps developers quickly track and eliminate problems or bugs in their apps. Without app debugging, production apps may contain bugs that make them malfunction. While the emulators of most platforms have the Debugging option enabled by default, Android Wear’s does not. Fortunately, enabling debugging on this emulator is easy. […]

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    How Do I Connect an Android Wear Emulator to a Real Phone?

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    Even though developing wearable apps on a real device is recommended, buying every possible device with different screen shapes for testing purposes would be quite costly. For this reason, testing an app on an emulator is a good idea. The emulator works similarly to a real watch, and it is possible to pair the emulator […]

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    How Do I Turn Off or Disable the My Magazine Feature on the Galaxy S5?


    My Magazine is one of the extra features on the Galaxy S5 that lets you access from the home screen the latest news or updates from the social networks your choice. While this may seem convenient, the lack of functions, content providers, and customization make this feature not very useful. If you want to turn […]

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    How Do I Switch Between Apps Without Exiting the App Currently Running on My Galaxy S5?


    Nowadays, smartphone users tend to open and switch between numerous apps very often. Big screen phones like the Galaxy S5 can make switching between apps harder, especially for small hands, because the hardware buttons may be out of reach. Luckily, there is a built-in feature that creates a floating shortcut on-screen which you can place […]

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    How Do I Use My Note 3 or Galaxy S5 with One Hand Comfortably?


    While big phones like the Note 3 or Galaxy S5 have recently become popular, users may find the size of the phones makes them difficult to use with one hand. In fact, for most, navigating to all areas of the screen requires the use of two hands. To address this problem, Samsung has included the […]

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    Windows Phone 8.1: Changing Notification Sounds for Individual Apps

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    Setting different notification sounds for your apps can help you identify which app or event is causing the buzz on your phone without even looking at it. This is especially helpful when you are busy. By simply hearing the sound, you can decide whether it is an important notification that you want to read immediately […]

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