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    Posted September 28, 2015 by

    How Do I Change the Apple Watch Screen Timeout Setting?

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    Since the release of WatchOS 1, many Apple Watch users have been complaining that the screen times out too quickly. At times, you are still looking at the watch, but the display just turns off by itself, forcing you to wake it up again. I also experience this issue occasionally with my watch, and I […]

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    How Do I Set My Photo as a Watch Face on My Apple Watch?

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    With the release of WatchOS 2, Apple Watch users can now set their own picture as the watch face. This new feature allows you to personalize your Apple Watch and make it truly yours. Learn how to set your own watch face in this tutorial.

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    How Do I Change the Video Recording Resolution on My iPhone?

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    Since the iPhone 6S can record videos at 4k resolution, the 16GB model will run out of space quickly. Assuming that you have not installed anything or stored any files on your phone, you can only record about 40 minutes of 4K video before your phone runs out of space. Fortunately, it is possible to […]

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    How Do I Force a Message to be Sent as an SMS in iOS?


    iMessage is an awesome way to send messages to your contacts who also use iPhone, without being charged by your carrier. However, one disadvantage of using iMessage is that your message may not be sent if your mobile connection is unstable. In addition, if your contact’s phone is not connected to the internet when you […]

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    How Do I Switch Back to the Old Clock in Windows 10?


    From Windows 10, Microsoft has changed the expanded taskbar clock from the analog style to a more modern one which matches the system theme. If you do not like the change and prefer to use the previous style that had been there for years, follow the steps in this tutorial.

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    How Do I Disable Windows 10 Automatic Updates?

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    By default, Windows will check for, download, and install necessary update files during the automatic maintenance process. Since everything happens automatically, unwanted updates may be installed without your consent. In many cases, the update may crash the whole system or cause incompatible software issues that have never happened before. To prevent these situations, you can […]

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    How Do I Change the System Maintenance Schedule in Windows 10?

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    By default, Windows 10 wakes up your computer automatically at 2 AM to do its daily system maintenance. This maintenance includes tasks like software updates, system diagnostics, and security scanning. While daily maintenance is neccessary to keep your computer running smoothly, your computer waking up at night can be annoying, especially if it makes a lot […]

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    How Do I Hide Notifications When Giving a Presentation in Windows 10?

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    While app notifications are useful in many ways, there are times when their appearance on screen is not welcome. For example, if you are giving a presentation, incoming notifications may cause quite a distraction. If inappropriate, the content of the notifications may ruin your presentation and leave you struggling to fix an awkward situation. To […]

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    How Do I Prevent Windows 10 from Auto-Updating My Apps?

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    By default, all apps downloaded from the Windows Store will be updated automatically if updates are available. This feature may seem useful at first because users do not have to do anything to keep their apps up-to-date. However, it can potentially download unwanted updates without the user’s consent. Similar to updates for mobile apps, updates […]

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    How Do I Change the App Installation Location in Windows 10?


    By default, all apps that are downloaded from the Windows Store will be installed to the C drive. This has been the case since Windows 8. However, in Windows 10, you are able to change the default location where apps will be installed and their data saved. Changing the installation location can be helpful when […]

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