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    Posted February 18, 2018 by

    How to manage a child account on Windows 10


    Earlier this week we spoke about how to create a child account. As we mentioned, creating user accounts on Windows has been available to users for a long time, but only in recent times have Microsoft began to make changes and to add features that improve your overall experience.

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    Posted February 16, 2018 by

    How to add a child account on Windows 10


    Since the earliest versions of modern Windows versions one feature that never changed is the ability to create multiple users. Even though we live in ages where everyone have a personal computer, there are still situations in which people need to add multiple accounts. For example, if you have a family and all of you […]

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    Posted February 14, 2018 by

    How to link an Android phone with Windows 10


    One of the many features that Windows 10 was an unifying operating system. This meant that users would be able to use the apps from Microsoft’s app store on various devices: PC, phone, xbox etc. This also meant that you will be able to get notifications across linked devices and continue working on one device […]

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    How to create a custom power plan on Windows 10


    In the era of laptops manufacturers, who are aiming to make laptops as thin and as light as possible, are forced to make certain sacrifices on certain models. In most cases, one of the heaviest components in each laptop is the battery. Even with the newer hardware using less power a small battery means that […]

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    How to make screenshot on Windows


    In our day to day activities on a PC, we sometimes get in a situation where we would need to make a screenshot of what we are seeing on our screens either to send it to other people, or just save it for us. Every version of Windows from 7 to 10, including 8 and […]

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    How to Join Facebook


    Ever since it’s release in 2004, Facebook has been the most commonly used social media platform. Two years later, in 2006 Facebook had spread all over the globe and man, woman or child that is over 13 years old and has an email address was able to join Facebook. Over the years it had several […]

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    How to disable Windows Lock Screen


    Initially Microsoft introduced the lock screen as a way to keep your machine secured from anyone that might want to get a look at your documents, or browser history, or just looking to prank you. In general the lock screen did a very good job, you would set a strong password that no one can […]

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    How to Enable Linux Bash Shell on Windows 10


    Since its initial release in mid-2015, Windows 10 stirred up a lot of chatter about its new and improved features in regards to the previous versions of Windows. With every major update the list of new features grew more and more. One of the many features that got the users excited, especially linux users and […]

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