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    How to Know If Someone Has Blocked You on Whatsapp


    Worried someone you have a huge crush on has blocked you on Whatsapp?  If someone is ignoring you for days, there might be some reason behind your fears. Whatsapp doesn’t really notify you when a contact blocks you on its platform. But there are several methods that can help you in ascertaining if a close […]

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    How to Make a Thread on Twitter — Extend Your Tweets


    There are always more things to say, more interesting facts to add and more creativity to color your words. Luckily, for Twitter users, they are allowed this great amount of flexibility to keep adding that extra spark and creativity to their tweets even after they compose tweets. And to do that they must know how […]

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    How to Hide Comments on Instagram Live


    To keep pace with its competitors, Facebook and Snapchat, Instagram introduced the new Instagram Live Video feature back in 2016. This feature has evolved with time. In the very beginning, users could only see live videos at the time they were streaming. But, soon after that, Instagram gave users the capability to post their live […]

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    How to Delete a Contact on an iPhone


    It can get annoying sometimes to have loads and loads of contacts in your iPhone…most of which you do not even need. Even if you are a person who loves to socialize and stay in touch with almost every person you come across, there must be moments even for a person like that to just […]

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    How to Stop Notifications from Interrupting Music Playback


    You’re listening to the emotionally charging and adrenaline pumping sounds of ACDC when suddenly a notification pops up and breaks the whole tempo. Being a music fanatic, that would infuriate me. An arrival of a text, an app update or a notification of any sort, could invade your personal space, and chime down the music volume, without […]

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    How to Set Individual Ringtones for Contacts on Android


    Knowing how to set Individual ringtones for contacts  on Android can come in handy for a number of reasons. I mean, if there is a certain someone you completely despise and can’t stand for a minute, you can change his ringtone, and without even looking at his call, ignore him. Also, sometimes we eagerly await a call from […]

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    How to Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages


    How to recover deleted Whatsapp messages? Whatsapp’s delete message feature changed the instant messaging game once and for all. Now, users are able to delete a text that was never supposed to be sent to begin with. These wrongly sent messages contain vital personal revelations, from acknowledgements of love to critical secrets. No wonder, everyone is […]

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    How to Add A Link Button To Your iPhone’s Home screen


    Ever felt frustrated when you have to type in complete web addresses in your iPhone’s web browser, especially when you were running out of time for something? It gets hectic sometimes, doesn’t it? Having to access first the browser, typing in the web address, wasting some more precious seconds to correct typos and waiting some […]

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    How to Turn off Auto Brightness in iOS 11


    How to Turn Off Auto brightness in iOs11? You can still turn off auto brightness in iOs 11, but Apple has, for God knows what reason, made it harder for users to disable it. Many users absolutely despise the auto-brightness feature, because it adjusts the brightness of the screen, without their consent. For instance, if […]

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    How to Download Twitter Data With Ease


    When did I create my Twitter account? Have I added my Twitter account on another device, too? How many locations have I accessed my Twitter account from? Whom did I add in my contacts on Twitter? What about the number of my Twitter logins? To know the answer to all these questions you must first […]

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    How Do I Change the Name of My Phone? (Wifi,Bluetooth and Device Name)


    How do I change the name of my phone? I get it! We all want our phones to have cool names. It’s no surprise; We want to separate ourselves from the herd. We want our phones to mimic the features of living breathing human beings. Giving names, somehow creates a sentimental connection between the user and a smartphone. […]

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    How to Hide Apps In Android — Easiest Method


    Android’s customization features are one of the best in the market. However, one thing that Android falls miserably behind is in its ability to hide applications. Privacy is paramount in everything, including apps, but Android seems to forget that in every update. That’s why users have to use third party applications to hide apps in Android. Most of […]

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