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    How to Change Your Username on Facebook

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    Facebook boasts an impressive network of over a billion users, including corporate businesses and small-time restaurants. Its popularity sky-rocketed just a few years after its initial launch. And let me tell you, it isn’t subsiding any time soon. More and more users are registering on the famous social media website and are getting acquainted with […]

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    How to Increase Android Screen Timeout


    Android devices naturally run on an operating system that strives to conserve energy in order to run all applications with maximum effectiveness. This is why our phones have a screen time out where, if the phone has not been operated for a brief amount of time automatically results in the screen going into standby mode […]

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    Find Contact Information of Group Participant on Whatsapp

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    The Whatsapp group feature enables one person to share messages, videos and photos with up to 265 people at once. It is making its way into the social media app market, contributing (with the help of other features, of course) to Whatsapp’s surging popularity. The additional features of Whatsapp Group like naming and customizing the […]

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    How to Enable Split Screen on Android


    Nowadays, owing to the fact that our attentions are so strictly diverted by things that need our time and focus that we’re consistently driven towards multitasking at different things. Smartphones themselves have given prominence to this need of overseeing multiple tasks at once and their interfaces are thus designed to serve this very purpose. Now […]

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    How to Backup Android

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    There used to be a time not so long ago that our phones were restricted only to sending or receiving calls and text messages. However, with the passing of time and with the growing refinement in mobile phone technology, we now have smartphones that are capable of handling almost all of our main tasks and […]

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    How to Add Twitter Feed on Website


    If you have decided to read this, that probably means you have first decided that yes, you do indeed want to add your Twitter feed to your website. Typically, in Twitter terminology, your Twitter feed is your Twitter timeline. In case, you are not sure what the benefits are of doing this are, lets review them […]

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    How to Add Widgets to your Android Home Screen


    I have noticed that as time goes on and mobile technology becomes increasingly refined, they rely more and more on improving convenience, saving time, and making sure that the consumer receives only the information they require. Widgets, therefore, are tiny, live applications of much bigger applications that are running in your android phone. You must […]

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    How to use twitter search : Advanced tips and techniques


    He dropped out of NYU a semester prior to graduation, modeled for a while, invented open-source software still in use by some taxi-cab drivers and went on to be named in the MIT Technology Review TR35 as one of the top 35 innovators in the world under the age of 35 (2008) and devised what […]

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    How to pair Bluetooth device to android


    Jeez guys, there used to be a time not so long ago, a little over a decade in fact, that our phones didn’t have half the features that they do today. I remember getting on the bus to high school with my earphones in one pocket and my phone in the other. Once the ride […]

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