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    How to Add Music to Instagram Story — Make Your Stories Compelling


    Stories can entice your followers in many ways. Through them, you can ask for opinions on a sensitive world matter, or get recommendations for a product your business is about to launch. They are also a great way to let your followers know when you make a new post on your profile because more than […]

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    Step-By-Step: How to Delete a Skype Account Permanently

    Deleting a Skype account isn’t an easy one-step process. It is actually more complicated. There are several things that need to be taken care of before parting ways with the enormously popular calling app. You will have to cancel your subscriptions, request for a refund, unlink your Microsoft account from your Skype account and remove […]

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    How Do You Recall an Email in Outlook and Stop Sent Gmail Messages


    Did you just send an extremely rude Email to someone in the heat of the moment or did you accidentally send an Email to the wrong person? Are you crying over your fate because your cat walked over your keyboard, accidentally sending an extremely mortifying Email to your spouse that has a possibility of putting […]

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    How to Block Websites on Android — Ensure Your Cyber Safety


    The danger of harmful websites looms large. These websites can expose you to malicious spyware and malware that pose a threat to your privacy and security.  From scams disguised under the umbrella of misleading pop-ups to adult content, harmful content is far and sundry. Some websites also collect sensitive data from your email ID and social media […]

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    How to Turn off Read Receipts on Iphone


    iPhone has a built-in “how to turn off read receipts feature” that allows its users to know when their iMessage has been delivered and read by their recipient. As useful as this feature could be at times when you need to know whether your urgent message has been conveyed to the concerned person or not, […]

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    How to Get a Collage of Your Best Nine Instagram Photos from 2018


    With the year coming to an end you feel overwhelmed with nostalgia for the year you’re leaving behind. This is the perfect time to look back on your best moments of the year and see how far you’ve come ahead. Reminiscing the past by finding out your best nine Instagram photos is becoming a great […]

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    How to Add Snapchat Friends — Discover New Exciting Possibilites


    Snapchat is a great medium to stay in touch with your friends. You can see what they have been up to by viewing their stories or chatting with them or simply stalking them. You can also interact with them through texts written over pictures or by sharing videos, whatever floats your boat. If you’re new to Snapchat and are having […]

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    How to Go Live on Instagram — Engage Your Followers in Real Time


    A year has already swept by since Instagram introduced its live video feature, following in the digital footsteps of Facebook. The live video is a great feature for Instagram users who want to connect with their followers in real time. Similar to Facebook’s live video feature, it provides a host of possibilities for sharing content, engaging followers […]

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    How to Screen Record on IPad and IPhone — With Sound


    iOS 11 has introduced killer features for Iphone users. One of these features goes by the name of screen recording. As the name suggests, it enables iOs users, including Ipad users, to record whatever they’re doing on their screens. For Instance, if I’m penning down a novel in my notepad, the screen record feature can […]

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    How to Know If Someone Has Blocked You on Whatsapp


    Worried someone you have a huge crush on has blocked you on Whatsapp?  If someone is ignoring you for days, there might be some reason behind your fears. Whatsapp doesn’t really notify you when a contact blocks you on its platform. But there are several methods that can help you in ascertaining if a close […]

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    How to Make a Thread on Twitter — Extend Your Tweets


    There are always more things to say, more interesting facts to add and more creativity to color your words. Luckily, for Twitter users, they are allowed this great amount of flexibility to keep adding that extra spark and creativity to their tweets even after they compose tweets. And to do that they must know how […]

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    How to Hide Comments on Instagram Live


    To keep pace with its competitors, Facebook and Snapchat, Instagram introduced the new Instagram Live Video feature back in 2016. This feature has evolved with time. In the very beginning, users could only see live videos at the time they were streaming. But, soon after that, Instagram gave users the capability to post their live […]

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