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    How to Turn On iPhone Wi-Fi

    how to turn on iPhone Wi-Fi

    To be able to connect to the internet without mobile data, you need to turn on iPhone Wi-Fi. Turning on an iPhone’s Wi-Fi automatically connects you to available networks that you have already connected to before. There are two methods to activate your iPhone Wi-Fi. Both approaches will be discussed in this article.

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    How to Sign In With Your Apple ID on iPhone

    How to Sign in to iPhone

    The Apple ID is your ticket to all the services being offered by iPhone. Some people use the terms iCloud account, Facetime account, Apple account, and other similar terms. All of these accounts refer to the Apple ID. If you sign in with your Apple ID on iPhone, you get to enjoy all of Apple’s […]

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    How to Turn On an iPhone

    How to Turn On Your iPhone

    Congratulations, you just got your first iPhone. Before you can use it, you need to know how to turn it on. Turning on an iPhone is as easy as 1, 2, 3. You just need to press and hold a button and then wait. No matter what iPhone model you are using, this tutorial will […]

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    How to Connect and Forget Wi-Fi Network on iPhone

    Connect and Forget Wi-Fi Network on iPhone

    Connecting and forgetting a Wi-Fi network on iPhone is one of the most basic things that every iPhone user should know. An internet connection is a must for smartphones including iPhones. There are two basic types of internet connections through two types of connections – Wi-Fi and mobile data. Assuming that both network types are […]

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    How to Adjust the Music Equalizer (EQ) on iPhone

    Adjust Music Equalizer EQ on iPhone

    iPhone has a feature that allows for the adjustment of music settings to give the best music playback experience to users. You can adjust the music equalizer (EQ) on iPhone to complement the type of music that you are playing Whatever genre of music you prefer listening to, there iPhone EQ presets will help improve […]

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    iPhone Hack: Simple Trick to Play Louder Music on iPhone

    iPhone Trick - Play Louder Music on iPhone

    There is a neat hack that can pump up your iPhone’s volume without using any external speakers. If you feel that the maximum volume level on your iPhone is not enough, then this easy step-by-step procedure will guide you on how to play louder music on iPhone. It’s easy. Trust us. iPhone has a feature […]

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    How to Change Apple ID Payment Method

    Change Apple ID Payment Method

    The Apple ID is your ticket to all Apple online services. You need your Apple ID when you access the App Store, iTunes Store, iCloud, and other Apple offers. During the setup of your Apple ID, you were asked for your payment information. This article will discuss how to remove or change Apple ID payment […]

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    How to Install APK Files on Android

    Install APK Files on Android

    Play Store is Google’s official app for downloading and installing apps on Android devices. However, Play Store is not the only source for Android apps. Other available app markets provide the same services as Google Play Store and offer Android Package Kit (APK) files. You can even manually download and install APK files on Android. […]

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    How to Arrange and Move iPhone Apps

    How Do I Rearrange and Move iPhone Apps

    Apps are the heartbeat of any mobile operating system, including iOS. All of the functions on iPhones are app-based. Whether you make calls, send messages, receive email, use social media, or simply want a reminder, you need an app to perform the any of the phone’s intended functions. iPhone users who often download apps may […]

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    How to Set the Samsung Gear S3 Home Key Shortcut

    Customize Gear S3 Home Button Shortcut

    You can quickly launch S Voice on your Samsung Gear S3 by double pressing on the Home key. The S Voice is a helpful feature, so some users are pleased that Samsung has made launching the app easier. However, recognizing the fact that not everyone uses the S Voice app, Samsung has made it possible […]

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    How to Change a Google Drive File Owner


    Google Drive is an efficient, practical, and free way to share, save, and synchronize files on the web. Google Drive is your personal drive in the cloud that allows you to create folders and save documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Google Drive has three user types: owners, editors, and viewers. Each user type has a different […]

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    How to Create a Contact Group on Samsung Galaxy Phones

    Create Group Contacts on android

    Contact Groups existed even before the advent of smartphones. For some users, the feature is a must because it allows them to send SMS to multiple contacts simultaneously. If you are a Samsung Galaxy phone user, you may be wondering why the ability to create a group of contacts is no longer available on your […]

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