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    Resize Multiple Images in Windows Without Extra Software

    Resize Multiple Photos Without Using any Program

    You are in a dilemma with some photos that you need to resize. You only have a little time to do the resizing, and you do not have permission to install any programs on the computer you are using. You have no internet connection either, so you cannot resize the photos using online resizing tools. […]

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    How Do I Turn My Samsung Galaxy’s Screen to Grayscale?

    Enable Greyscale on Samsung Galaxy Phone

    Switching your Samsung Galaxy’s screen to grayscale is beneficial for several reasons. For one, it will require the screen to use less power than when you are in a full-color mode. Using your phone in grayscale mode also might have a positive effect on your productivity. Apps such as Facebook and Instagram will appear dull, […]

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    How to Change a Facebook Page Name

    How to Rename Facebook Page

    Using a Facebook page is one of the best ways to communicate your brand, community, cause, or business. With more than 1.8 billion users per month and a year-over-year increase of 17%, creating a Facebook page is a solid way to let other people know about your products and services. Aside from consulting sites such […]

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    How to Check Battery Usage on Android

    Check App Battery Usage on Android

    If the battery on your Android phone is not lasting as long as you would like, there is a good chance that some of your apps are draining your battery power. Luckily, Android has a feature that monitors what is eating your phone’s battery. If you find yourself always running low on battery juice, then […]

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    How to Control Your Computer Network

    Control Your Computer Network

    Managing a network involves specific steps an administrator must take to control, operate and maintain a network inside an organization.

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    Five Points to Consider When Creating a Smartphone App

    5 Things to Seriously Consider When Making an App

    fMobile usage has dramatically increased over the last decade, and smartphones have completely changed the landscape of the user interface and the behavior of the user. Apps have taken the place of mobile websites, and businesses are recognizing the power that a faster, more user-friendly app can have on their customer retention.

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    How to Transfer Apps to an SD Card on Android

    Move Apps to AS card on Android

    One drawback of the iPhone is that it does not support SD cards. Depending on the type of iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch you own, your device’s storage capacity may range from a measly 8 GB up to 256 GB. Needless to say, iPhones with higher storage have a higher price range. This is one […]

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    How to Use Public Wi-Fi Safely?

    How to Use Public WiFi Safely

    Public Wi-Fi is now offered almost everywhere, and most people make use of it on regular basis. As good as this sounds, there is just one huge problem – it is just not safe. Because public Wi-Fi is an open network, it can be hacked by anyone, enabling them to get into your device with […]

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    How to Reset an iPhone Safely

    How To Safely Reset an iPhone

    A reset on the iPhone will restore it back to its original settings. Depending on the reset options you choose, your iPhone can selectively reset specific settings, delete all data and content, or restore your phone back to its original settings, as if it just came out of the factory. There are many reasons why […]

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    How to Recover Files from an Inaccessible USB or Hard Drive

    How to Recover and Inaccessible USB and Hard Drive

    A corrupted or damaged hard drive can spell disaster for you and possibly for your whole company, especially if you are not in the habit of creating backup files. However, there is still hope for a corrupted or inaccessible USB or hard drive. You can either bring the device to a data recovery professional or […]

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