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    How to Protect Your Facebook Account Privacy – All the Things You Need to Do

    Facebook Ultimate Privacy

    When it comes to tech and the internet in general, two buzzing words have been making the rounds in almost all facets of the world wide web today – these are Facebook and privacy. This article will discuss all the things that you should do to protect your Facebook account privacy.

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    How to Quote on Viber

    WhatsAppp How to

    In a group chat, one may have a hard time replying to a specific message especially if the intended message that you want to reply is buried in a bunch of earlier messages. Fortunately, you can quote on Viber to learn how you can directly reply to messages by quoting the message.

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    How to Turn Off Read Receipts (Blue Ticks) on WhatsApp

    WhatsApp Disable Read Receipt

    WhatsApp has a read receipt feature that allows users to know if their messages have been read by their recipients. Though this feature may come in useful to some people, others do not want that their senders be notified that they have read the messages sent to them. If you are one of those who […]

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    Find the IMEI on Any Phone – Android, iOS, and Non-Smart Phones

    Find IMEI

    IMEI is your phone’s unique ID. Learn how to find the IMEI of any mobile device through this article.

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    How to Change Icons and Themes on Android

    One of the primary reasons people stick to Android is for its flexibility. This flexibility helps us a lot in customizing the UI. We can modify almost every aspect of how our phone looks with gestures and other contextual data. This article will teach you how to change icons and themes on Android.

    Category Android

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    How to Hide Photos on Android

    How to Hide Photos on Android

    There are different ways of hiding photos on Android. Some apps offer users a choice to put a password on certain apps and folders. Though putting a password on apps and folders may keep the photos safe from prying eyes, it does not take away that fact that some photos are on your phone but […]

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    How to Reset BIOS

    How to Reset Computer BIOS

    A computer’s BIOS is used to initialize and start a computer system. An acronym for Basic Input/Output System, BIOS also provides runtime services for a computer’s apps and programs aside from triggering hardware startup during the booting process. If you ever run into some issues with your computers or have hardware compatibility issues, resetting your […]

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    How to Unmount a Drive

    How to to Safely Remove USb

    USB and external hard drives need to be safely removed before you can pull them from the USB ports. Sure, you may have had experiences of plugging in and out your USB drivers without any issues, but it’s only a matter of time before you run into problems. Removing external storage drives without the proper […]

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    How to Set Location Services Usage of Apps on iPhone

    When Apps Use Location Services on iPhone

    You can set how each app on your iPhone uses location services. You can restrict apps from using location services, allow them always to use locations services, or only allow the location services to be used only when the apps are in use. This article will discuss how to set location services usage of apps […]

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    How to Download Facebook Videos Without Any Software

    Download Facebook Videos Without Software

    There are times we are just scrolling through our Facebook and find videos which we find funny, informative, or interesting. The next thought that flashes in our mind are to save the video. But how? You might want to download the video and share it on WhatsApp to your friend who is not on Facebook.

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    How to Fix Location Services on iPhone

    Fix iPhone Locations Services

    When your phone does not show its correct location and the GPS service is not functioning properly, then you may need to fix Location Services on iPhone.

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    How To Stop Apps Running in the Background in Windows 10

    iPhone Settings Privacy

    Apps running in the background on Windows 10 is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, there are critical apps that need to be running in the background. Also, depending on your requirement, you may need some apps to be running in the background without you actively monitoring them. However, some apps are plain annoying […]

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