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    Posted January 18, 2017 by

    How to Uninstall Android Apps


    You cannot imagine Android without the Playstore and its apps. Apps bring color to Android’s operating system and are the reason why the Android ecosystem is thriving. From time to time, you may download an app and use it for a while until you forget that it exists. Look at your Android device, and see […]

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    Posted January 17, 2017 by

    Fix Malfunctions by Booting into Safe Mode on Android


    If you haveĀ an Android device that is malfunctioning, the most common way to fix this issue is by performing a hard reset. A hard reset deletes all of the device’s data, including apps you have installed, and returns the phone to its original settings, just as it was when it was first released from the […]

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    Posted January 16, 2017 by

    Boot and Restart HTC Phones in Safe Mode


    Safe Mode for Android phones is a diagnostic mode that helps you determine the source of the error that is causing your Android device to get stuck, restart, go on a boot loop, run slow, or freeze. If you have just installed a third-party app on your HTC phone and you are experiencing problems, then […]

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    How to Uninstall iPhone Apps


    Downloading and installing apps from the App Store is easy. In fact, it is so easy you can inadvertently accumulate an endless list of app icons in your iPhone app drawer. Many of these you probably do not even remember of downloading. Aside from the mess these unused apps can create on your iPhone, every […]

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    How to Boot and Restart LG Phones in Safe Mode


    If you have recently installed a third-party app on your LG phone and you are now having an issue with it (e.g., freezing, boot loops, slow performance, etc.), then booting your device into Safe Mode may help you fix the problem. Booting LG phones in Safe Mode puts them in diagnostic mode, and your phone […]

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    Boot and Restart Samsung Galaxy Phones into Safe Mode


    A common fix for most computers whenever there are problems with the system is to start in them in Safe Mode. When in Safe Mode, a computer will boot without performing the standard boot processes. (e.g., Autoexec.bat and config.sys files will be disabled, auto-run programs will not auto-run, and device drivers such as printers or […]

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    How to Fix a Stuck iPhone


    An iPhone that is stuck is a major headache. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing an iPhone 5C Blue that is stuck on a blank screen or on the Apple logo. If your iPhone keeps restarting or freezing on a black screen, I have good news for you. Tenorshare‘s Reiboot fixes iPhones with these […]

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    Top Five Free Learning Apps for Android and iOS


    As we bid farewell to 2016, what better way to start 2017 than by learning something new. Whether you want to perform better in school or you want to learn how to speak a foreign language, you can find an app to assist you. I have checked out the best apps that teach new subjects […]

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    CES 2017: Best of the Best


    I love two things in life: tech and casinos. When I think of those two things, I think of the Consumer Electronic Show (CES). This year’s CES offered more than a handful of tech products to consumers. Fortunately, you do not need to go to Las Vegas, Nevada, to find out about the latest news […]

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    How to Restrict Specific Apps from Using Cellular Data on iPhone


    By default, any application can access an iPhone’s cellular data. If you want to browse the internet using a browser app (e.g., Safari) on your iPhone, you would only need to turn on either your Wi-Fi or your cellular data. It is that simple. You just need to have an internet connection, and any app […]

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