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    Posted June 25, 2017 by

    How Do I Update Apps on Android?

    How to Update Android Apps

    From time to time, app developers will release app updates for a variety reasons. Some updates are optional while some will force users to update before using the app. This tutorial contains what you need to know about app updates, why you need to update your apps to the latest version, and how to update […]

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    Posted June 23, 2017 by

    How to Record Your Windows Screen Using VLC Media Player

    How to Screen Capture on Windows

    By default, Windows does not have any utility that can record your computer’s screen. Windows 10 came close to the idea with Game DVR. However, the feature can only record app videos. Outside of an app, Game DVR will not function. Tech-Recipes has a detailed tutorial on recording app videos on Windows 10 using Game […]

    Posted June 22, 2017 by

    How to Delete All Photos on iPhone

    How to Delete All Photos on iPhone

    One of iPhone’s primary functions is that it serves as a handy camera. For the average user who owns an iPhone and a digital camera, there is a good chance that the iPhone has more photos than the camera. As much as you love the photos on your iPhone, the time will come when you […]

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    How to Set Up Trusted Contacts on Facebook

    How to Set Up Trusted Contacts on Facebook

    We now live in a world where we use social media to chronicle our lives. Facebook is one of the sites where you store a lot of information, memories, and files. Ensuring that you have full control over your Facebook account is a must if you want to keep your data safe and secure. Aside […]

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    How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Facebook

    Enable 2-Factor Authentication 2FA on Facebook

    Because of the internet security issues that have been in the news recently, keeping your internet accounts as safe as possible is always a good idea. You can add an extra layer of protection to your Facebook account by enabling two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication is a security feature that requires you to verify the authenticity […]

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    How to Take Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy S8

    How to Screenshot on Samsung Galaxyv S8

    The Galaxy S8 is Samsung’s most anticipated phone for 2017. S8 is the first Samsung Galaxy phone not to have a physical Home button, creating an almost bezel-to-bezel display. The larger, sexier screen makes the phone eye candy – a gorgeous device that had everyone talking at its launch. However, for those who regularly use […]

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    How to Use Samsung Galaxy S8 as a Computer

    Turn Samsung S8 into a Computer

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 is Samsung’s first phone to support a monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Basically, your Galaxy S8 acts as a central processing unit (CPU) that accepts input from a mouse and keyboard and projects the output onto a screen through a monitor. Think of the Galaxy S8 as the combination of a phone […]

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    Posted May 24, 2017 by

    Give Access to Gmail Without Sharing the Password

    Grant Access to GMail without Sharing Passwords

    There is a little-known feature for Gmail that allows you to share access to your email account without sharing your password. Google terms this feature “mail delegation.” A person called a delegate can help you manage your email messages. Delegates can reply to an email message, read and delete messages, and manage contacts on your […]

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    How to Free Up Space on iPhone Without Deleting Anything

    A quick trick to clear up iPhone Storage Without Doing Anything

    One of iPhone’s not-so-popular trademarks is its sole reliance on internal storage. Therefore, users cannot expand an iPhone’s memory through an external memory card. This poses storage capacity issues especially for those using the 16-GB storage variant. Aside from the typical files stored on one’s iPhone such as photos, music and video files, recordings, and […]

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    How to Enable and Use Wi-Fi Calling on Android

    Activate WiFi Calling on Any Android Phone

    These days, people have the ability to stay in constant contact with others. The fastest and most convenient way to get connected with anyone is through a mobile phone call or text message. By simply dialing a number on your phone, you are instantly connected to your desired contact. However, there may be a problem […]

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