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    How To Share a file from WhatsApp to Facebook / Instagram

    Share A File From WhatsApp To Facebook

    Like I always say in my posts related to WhatsApp, WhatsApp has certain features embedded in the App that makes the whole chatting experience much fun. Today, however, will be centered on one particular feature in WhatsApp that lets you share a file from WhatsApp to Facebook or Instagram.

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    How To Create A Broadcast List On WhatsApp

    Create A Broadcast List On WhatsApp

    Hey there WhatsAppers, Can I call you all that? Well, I figured if youtube users are referred to as YouTubers, WhatsApp users can also join on the suffix. This article is actually WhatsApp related. In a jiffy, I will show you how to create a broadcast list on WhatsApp with 100% ease.

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    How To Create A Group On WhatsApp

    create a group on whatsapp

    WhatsApp is a fun Application used to converse with family, friends, and relatives. If you are a tech-oriented person or an inquisitive person, you will know that WhatsApp has so many features that make it outstanding. In this article, I will show you a WhatsApp trick that you are going to love. You will learn […]

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    How To Enable Google Chrome Updates

    enable Google Chrome updates

    Hello everyone! Here’s another article that relates to Google Chrome. You know why I love this browser? It is because of its extended features. Speed is one of its amazing features coupled with others. This post, however, is not going to tell you about the many features of Google Chrome. In a bit, I will […]

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    How To Add Website To Microsoft Edge Reading List

    Add Website To Microsoft Edge Reading List

    Hello readers! Have you ever browsed the net and stumbled on a really interesting article that you didn’t have time to read? Of course, you have. Thankfully, in Microsoft Edge browser, Microsoft has a quick and easy way to save a story so you can read it later or even offline, all without cluttering up […]

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    How To Add Social Media Icons To Gmail Signature

    add social media icons to gmail

    Hello readers! Have you been looking for a way to add social media icons to Gmail signature? The solution is here. Having social media icons in your email signature is a clever method of linking to your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles. But how do you add these icons to your own signature in Gmail? This […]

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    How To Restore Last Session On Google Chrome

    restore last session on google chrome

    Hello readers! Have you accidentally quit your Google Chrome browser? Did your PC shutdown while you were browsing? There’s a way you can fix this. This post will teach you how to restore last session on Google Chrome.

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    How To Update Facebook App on Android

    update facebook App on Android

    Hey there!  How are you today? I have a question for you. Can I ask you? Can I? Oh good. Do you know that there is a difference in every new facebook updates? Nagging your head. I must tell you categorically there is. Facebook adds one or two new features to every update which you […]

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    How To Join A Group On Facebook

    join a group on facebook

    Hello there!  How are you doing today? Have you gotten your cup of tea ready for relaxation? Okay! Today’s Tech-Recipe will teach you methods to join a Group on Facebook. Groups are pages for customers with a collectively shared curiosity, such as regional yard revenue or a music genre. Facebook groups are one of the […]

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    How To Clear Firefox History

    clear firefox history

    It’s another wonderful moment with tech-recipes on another problem solved topic titled “How to clear Firefox history “. As you browse the web, Firefox helpfully remembers lots of data and information for you. Websites you have visited, documents you’ve downloaded and more. All of this is known as your history. However, if you’re using a […]

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    How To Enable Autofill In Google Chrome

    enable autofill in google chrome

    Hello loyal readers! I came across a question on the internet where people are asking about “how to enable autofill in google chrome”. This article is going to explain how you can permit Autofill, which is a function on all browsers that fills out the whole types/input similar to those who ask for delivery or […]

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    How to chat in Gmail


    Hello everyone ! Do you love your Gmail profile but do not continually wish to make an effort to write down a long Email when you’re getting in touch with someone? Why not try Gmail’s built-in chat features, which enables you to immediately strike up conversations along with your contacts, making them ultimate for short […]

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