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    How To Delete Extensions on Google Chrome

    delete google chrome extentions

    Is your Google Chrome browser becoming laggy? Well, that might be an indication that you need to do away with some extensions. This article is dedicated to showing you basic steps to delete extensions on Google Chrome. The steps to achieve this are actually very simple to follow.

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    How to add plugins to Google Chrome | Easy Steps

    add plugins to Google chrome

    Hey there! This comprehensive tutorial is aimed at bringing the very best out of your Google Chrome browser. Doesn’t that sound interesting? After reading this you are guaranteed to know how to add plugins to Google Chrome.

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    How To Get Followers On Instagram

    increase instagram followers

    They are more than 800 million users on Instagram today, that’s a whole lot of people. I’m here to teach you how to increase your followers without much stress, if you really want to gain more followers on Instagram, all you have to do is follow the tips in this post and you will see […]

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    How To Screenshot On Android devices

    screenshot on android

    Taking screenshots on Android is a simple task that can be done manually or via the help of an Application, In this article, you will learn how to take manually take a screenshot on Android with so much ease.

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    How To ScreenShot On Windows 10, 8, 7 and Windows XP

    screenshot on windows

    Want to capture a moment on your Windows laptop? Is there an important information showing on your windows screen that you want to save? The easiest way to actually save any important information showing on your laptop screen is to take a screenshot.

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    How To Use WhatsApp Web

    How to use whatsapp web

    Do you want to chat while working on your computer? Do you want to chat using a larger keyboard? Do you like chatting on a bigger screen? Or do you just want to chat from your office computer because your office policies do not allow using mobile phones during work hours? If you one of the […]

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    How To Upgrade Android Device OS


    Is your current Android operating system not up to par with what or how you see your friends and colleagues smart device perform?  has your device become so annoyingly slow, with frequent freezes and restarts that you nearly crumble into tears when you make even the simplest tasks?

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    How to Open Zip file on Android | Best Apps to use

    open zip file on android

      After reading this article, you are going to have no hard time in opening zip files on Android devices.

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    How to Reduce memory usage on Android devices

    How to Reduce memory usage on your Android device

    Isn’t it wonderful to just play around with your Android device? Taking photos, downloading songs, videos and games as many times as possible can be so much fun until you receive that familiar notification that reads thus; “…sorry you have insufficient storage space on your device, please delete some files.” A message like this can […]

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    How to Reset Android | Best Android Reset Methods


    Hello there and welcome to yet another amazing article on your cookbook for tech tutorials. Today I will show you well-detailed steps that you can use to reset android devices. If followed correctly these steps should work on all Android devices.

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