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    How To Change Facebook Video Quality

    change Facebook video quality

    Hello, I hope you are having a great time reading this article? I believe so because I am going be sharing a very interesting topic on how to change Facebook video quality. Have you encountered difficulty in playing videos on Facebook or perhaps these videos come in very poor quality? Most people have encountered this challenge and some […]

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    How To Block Messages On Facebook

    block messages on Facebook

    Hello, welcome to another exciting topic on how to block messages on Facebook. Have you encountered a situation where you get unnecessary irrelevant messages from different miscellaneous accounts? And perhaps you have thought of different ways to stop this madness and meaningless messages from getting to you? You ask questions like; can I block this messages […]

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    How To Change Twitter Language

    Change Twitter Language

    Hello, I hope you do enjoy reading our articles and I hope they’ve been helpful? Today I am going to treat another very interesting topic. I will show you how to change twitter language.

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    How To Change Facebook Language

    Change Facebook Language

    Hello, welcome to another important and interesting episode where I will be showing you how to change Facebook language. You would agree with me that not everyone understands (can read) English fluently or prefers Facebook to appear in the default language which is English. Different people from different locations/countries would want Facebook to appear in their […]

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    How to login with profile picture on Facebook

    Login With Profile Picture On Facebook

    Hello, I hope you’ve been having a great time reading our interesting articles. I hope they have been helpful. Well, today I have carefully handpicked a very important topic that will excite you.I am going to show you how to login with profile picture on Facebook.

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    How To Add Legacy Contact On Facebook

    Add Legacy Contact On Facebook

    Hello, today we are going to look at a very interesting topic which is how to add legacy contact on Facebook. If you haven’t added a legacy contact on your Facebook account, it might be time to do so. 

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    How To Change Gmail Display Language

    Change Gmail Display Language

    Hello there, I am back again with another interesting topic. I am sure I have witnesses that can testify that they don’t like the default language provided by their google mail otherwise known as Gmail. Today, I will teach you how to change Gmail display language.

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    How To Setup Mail Delegation On Gmail

    Setup Mail Delegation On Gmail

    Hey guys, It’s me again, and I am back and better Today’s tech-recipe is actually centered on Gmail. At the end of this article, you will have learned how to setup mail delegation on Gmail. You should have no issues setting up a delegate after reading this.

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    How To Change Gmail Profile Picture

    Change Gmail Profile Picture

    My name is Beejay, And I am about to take you on a Gmail ride. Did you know that you can actually change Gmail profile Picture? Well, I bet $10 bucks you didn’t know. Here’s an article dedicated to teaching you how you can change Gmail profile picture. Just click on continue reading to see […]

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    How To Remove Chat From Gmail

    Remove Chat From Gmail

    Not everybody would like a new trend. The chat feature in Gmail is an amazing feature that was embedded in Gmail but not everybody uses the Gmail chat. This article is for those people who never use Gmail chat and want to get rid of the Chat section in Gmail. Here’s how you can remove […]

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    How To Set Out Of Office Reply For Gmail

    Set Out Of Office Reply For Gmail

    If you are reading this article then you are automatically my friend. Yup! Welcome to the ”friend zone”. Here’s one that you’d love. This article is centered on Gmail and will teach you how to set out of office reply for Gmail. What’s there to gain from reading this? You’ll be able to set replies […]

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    How To Show Google Chrome Home Button

    Show Google Chrome Home Button

    Hey there, we are back again with yet another recipe pertaining to tech. This article is actually related to Google Chrome, in the past, I’ve shared How To Import Bookmarks To Google Chrome and How To Hide Google Chrome Bookmark Bar. Today, I’ll teach you how to show Google Chrome home button with so much ease. Read on to […]

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