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    Posted November 18, 2010 by

    Bourne/bash shell scripts: string comparison

    Brief tutorial describing how to do string comparisons. Recently updated thanks to comments from our users.

    Posted October 7, 2005 by

    Mac OSX: Delete a User Account

    Deleting a user account is neat and clean with Mac OS X. This tech-recipe describes the procedure and consequences of deleting a user.

    Posted November 25, 2004 by

    Solve PHP Fatal Error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried…

    This error message can spring up in a previously functional PHP script when the memory requirements exceed the default 8 MB limit. However, do not fret because this is an easy problem to overcome.

    Category PHP programming

    Posted September 9, 2004 by

    Java while-do and do-while loop syntax

    The while loop in Java allows a loop block to be executed an arbitrary number of times until a condition is met. This tech-recipe shows the basic syntax of the Java while loop.

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    Posted September 9, 2004 by

    Java for Loop Iteration Syntax

    The for loop provides a simple mechanism for repeating a code block a fixed number of times or for iterating through a set of values.

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    Posted September 7, 2004 by

    Java switch/case statement syntax

    The switch statement in Java provides a convenient method for branching a program based on a number of conditionals. This tech-recipe describes the use of the Java switch statement.

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    Posted September 4, 2004 by

    Java J2SE Hello World Sample Program

    The Hello World program prints Hello World to the screen. It has long been a staple first application for a programmer trying out a new programming language. This tech-recipe describes the steps involved in compiling and running a simple Hello World program in Java.

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    Posted August 31, 2004 by

    Solaris: Create a Mount Point

    Creating a mount point is a trivial, yet poorly documented operation. This tech-recipe describes creating a mount point appropriate for use with the mount command to mount a filesystem, cdrom, etc.

    Posted August 29, 2004 by

    Using Variables in Windows Batch Files

    Regardless of the scripting language, the use of variables can greatly enhance the functionality of a script. This tech-recipe demonstrates basic use of variables in MS-DOS or Windows batch files.

    Posted August 25, 2004 by

    UNIX Recursive Directory Listing

    When listing the contents of a directory and all subdirectories, a recursive listing is sometimes useful. This tech-recipe describes techniques for listing files recursively.

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