IE7/Firefox: Enable Live Bookmarks or Web Feeds for Your Websites

Posted August 22, 2005 by MickeyMouse in HTML

With the addition of this one piece of code to your HTML documents, you can enable web feeds in IE7 and Live Bookmarks in Firefox. If your website has an RSS feed, this method will allow you to advertise your feed to everyone that visits any page on your site.

Firefox calls it Live Bookmarks and Internet Explorer 7.0 will call it Web Feeds. Basically, if a web page has a RSS feed, the browser will allow a web visitor to pull directly from that feed.

How does the browser find the web feeds? Your web pages must contain the following code in the HEAD section of your HTML documents:

RSS Feed:

ATOM Feed:

FEED NAME is the title of your RSS Feed.
FEED URL is the direct URL to your RSS Feed.

Many people are now developing RSS spiders as well. By having this link, you will help the RSS search engines find your feed.

If your site has multiple feeds, you can list them all in the head section using this same method.

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