Vista / Longhorn: Transparency Glass Effect Screenshots and Examples

The transparency glass effect is an example of the visual improvements made to the windows operating system in the new vista / longhorn beta. Here are some demostrations of the effects.

One of the cool new features of vista (longhorn) is the transparency or glass effects. Enabling this effect is easy if you have the right drivers.

Here are some examples of glass transparency in Vista:

The first example shows the background showing through the IE title bar… and shows the window’s drop shadow onto the background. Notice the red glowing X to terminate the window as well. (Click for full screen screenshot)

The second example shows a different background showing through the IE and display windows. Notice the glowing blue effect of the minimize button on the IE window.(Click for full screen screenshot)

This last example attempts to show how windows -=pop=- into the foreground when opened. This picture is caught mid-pop as it still has a great deal of transparency throughout the whole window.

I’ll try to keep tech-recipes up to date with the latest in longhorn and vista features… especially if the editors keep sending me all the free gifts!

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  • Markus Khan

    I realize that this is an old post and the Vista may have changed since then, but I have seen several posts of users asking how to get the effect that you show on the last screenshot to work. I have Windows Vista and Aero is enabled and I get the title bar to be almost fully transparent, but the CONTENTS of any of the windows are still solid. In your screenshot, you show the Delete folder pop-up as being transparent. I cannot replicate this no matter what settings I set in the the Aero theme. Was this something they removed, or is there a program that will make this available? I would love to have the contents of certain windows become transparent and I could see what is behind them when entering data. Thanks

    • Anonymous

      It’s evident that you didn’t read the cxomment above the pic which points out the the tab is “mid-pop”, as in, it was captured just before going to what you woujld ordinarily see.