Finding Flash Files and Games with Google, Bing, and Yahoo

Posted July 16, 2005 by AlexTheBeast in Internet

The following tutorial describes using the major search engines to find flash files.

One of my co-workers is addicted to flash files. She was looking for a particular flash file the other day but could not find it on the Internet. She asked me how to search for flash files and only flash files. Here is the explanation I gave her.

Using Google:

    Use the filetype command with Google to search for flash files. Here is how I search for Street Fighter in flash format:

    [list]Google: filetype:swf “street fighter”

Using our previous Google tricks to look for open directories, you can also search for open directories that contain flash files like this:

Using Yahoo:

    Yahoo has the ability to do similiar searches with the originurlextension command. Here I search for clones of the famous game Breakout:

    [list]Yahoo: originurlextension:swf breakout

Using Bing:

    Unfortunately, Bing supports a filetype command, but it does not work with flash files. For example, this will return nothing:

    [list]Bing: filetype:swf

Using the contains command works better and is rather effective. Here I use Bing to find flash Asteroid games:

However, you can still use our “searching for open directories” tricks to find indexes filled with flash files:

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