Restoring or Moving your Evolution Files

Posted June 30, 2005 by cachique in UNIX software

When you move from one machine to another or when you install a new Linux distros, this could help to restore your entire Evolution profile and data.

First of all, you need a backup of your files.
There are two directories in your home that matters to Evolution:
* ~/.evolution
* ~/.gconf/apps/evolution
Make sure to back up both.

Once in your new machine, distros, place, user or wherever you want to restore your Evolution profile, follow these steps.
1. Shut down Evolution completely with ./evolution –force-shutdown,
2. Erase and copy back the contents of those directories with your backup.
3. Exit X session and log in again.
4. Start Evolution.

NOTE: You need to exit the X session for the gconfd to load new data, but you can also try ./gconftool-2 –shutdown without exiting X session.

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