XP Pro / Windows Server 2003: Remotely Enable Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

Posted June 21, 2005 by AlexTheBeast in Windows networking

If you want to control a computer on your network through Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), you can enable it without ever leaving your computer. Read on to discover how this is done.

You might have frequently encountered a this problem. You need to access a system on your network, but Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) in not enabled on that system. If you can access that machine’s registry, you can enable RDP remotely.

Use the following steps to enable RDP remotely:

    1. Open regedit.
    2. In the File menu, click Connect Network Registry.
    3. The select computer search box will open. Browse to or type in the server location. Click OK.
    4. Browse to this key:
    HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server

    5. Double-click on fDenyTSConnection.
    6. Change the value to 0, and click OK.
    7. Close regedit.
    8. Reboot the remote system.

      – Run this from the Run box: shutdown -m \\remoteserver -r
      remoteserver is the name of the server to be rebooted.

    9. Connect using remote desktop connection.

      – Run this from the Run box: mstsc
      – When it opens, enter the name of the server and the admin password.

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