XP: RAW Image Plug-In Viewing, Organizing, and Printing

Posted June 15, 2005 by MickeyMouse in Windows

Microsoft has released a RAW image thumbnail and view power toy. This tutorial explains how it can enhance your digital images.

As the size of megapixels go up in digital cameras, most cameras now have the option to save to a RAW format. This format is as close to a digital “negative” as you can get. As this format contains all the “raw” image data, in theory, this is the best image to edit, view, and print.

JPGs, for example, are compressed; therefore, you lose some visual data. RAW files contain it all.

By installing this plug-in, you allow XP to treat RAW files just like any other image file. You can view, organize, print, thumbnail, or anything else that you can do to any other image file.

Microsoft RAW Image Power Toy Download Page

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