Convert Music Files Easily and Quickly between MP3, WMA, and WAV

Posted April 7, 2005 by AlexTheBeast in Windows

Trying to get your music onto your device can be difficult. Fortunately, Acoustica software converts music between formats quickly and easily.

I have tried several of the conversion programs that are available, and I finally found one I like. Acoustica converts between file formats very well. It ignored where the file came from and just blindly converted it. It uses LAME and converts much faster than Realtime.

Acoutica works by adding several options to your right-click menu. Select your files, right click, select your conversion options and go!

I found two minor issues with the program. The default normalize settings inserted some distortion in a few files, so I turned it down. Also, when I registered it, it gave me errors until I opened the main program through the icon on the desktop. The program wanted me to agree to the EULA, and now it functions properly.

The trial version allows you to try several files:

Acoustica file conversion software trial

Unfortunately, drm protected content will not convert.

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  • Michelle 16

    ive recorded me singing on my phone how can i convert it 2 WMA so i can play it on my computer.

  • Elilie

    It didn’t work for me. Possibly because i have Vista? I have two files which I bluetoothed from my phone and they are in a weird format that works on windows media player but movie maker doesn’t want to know.

  • suzan

    thank you ,but it wasn’t useful for me because i want to do effects on my tracks, convert from and to any formats but i found the a free program that do these things in this web site try it if you need
    it really works