Swap the Mouse Buttons/Make your Mouse Left-Handed

Posted March 29, 2005 by AlexTheBeast in Windows

You can convert any mouse so that it may be used with left hand.

If you are left-handed, you can use this simple registry hack to swap the left and right mouse buttons.

The steps in this tutorial involve changing your registry. Proceed only if you have experience with editing the registry. Also, backing up your system and registry is a must.

Follow these steps to switch the left and right mouse buttons:

    1. Open regedit.
    2. Go to User Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse.
    3. Create a new REG_SZ (String value).
    4. Name it SwapMouseButtons.
    5. Set the value to 1 for swap.

If you need to change it back, change the value to 0.

The Conversation

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  • Anonymous


    I created a .reg file as a script to swap the buttons in my laptop , but the changes dose not effective, what`s the problem?


    • Blah

      think u need to reboot.

  • A2P

    Great guy, it does the same as the “Mouse Properties” in the Control Panel 🙁

    The only good mouse for left-handed is the Roccat Kova with a button combination to exchange buttons. Wish others will do the same…

  • irfan

    Hi, so in my PC there was already a MouseSwap Button but it was default on 0. Now I changed it to 1 but still the mouse buttons are not swaped. Do I need to do something else. Also do I have to press 1 or something like that….


  • DoG

    This advice is spread all over the internet and it is pretty useless. Who would restart the computer after a super-simple change? And the Windows along with additional brand drivers would change the setting anyway.

    The other solution is to run some tool in a background which I don’t like either. Why would someone run a tool for every little problem. Also, most people don’t need to switch the setting back anymore.

    What people need is my cozy and quick (no downloads, no editing reg files) solution:

    rundll32 user32.dll,SwapMouseButton

    Yeah just like that. Run this from startup folder or your startup script if you’re connecting to a virtual desktop. Or just make a shortcut.