Disable Script Debugging, mdm.exe, or Machine Debug Manager

By following the steps provided in this tech-recipe, you can easily turn off mdm.exe.

Microsoft’s Machine Debug Manager is known as mdm.exe . It allows users to debug Internet Explorer scripting errors. If you do not use your computer for the task of debugging, you can turn off mdm.exe by simply disabling script debugging. To accomplish this, use the steps below:

    1. Open IE.
    2. Click Tools.
    3. Select Internet Options.
    4. Click the Advanced tab.
    5. Select the Disable script debugging check box.
    6. Click OK.

The Conversation

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  • still works

    Still works today on my XP – thanks!

  • trish

    worked 4 me, as well. thx!

  • Habeeb

    The process responsible to be enabled/disabled as per the above step is situated at system32 folder of your OS. What I would like to add is that, after you perform the above steps, if you still find it appearing, then it is firing up from the following path.

    C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedVS7Debug

    Just rename it to something like MDM1.exe and it will go.

    Thats it.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for all the help… Especially Habeeb. I had the service turned off but knowing where it was hiding was great.

      DAEMON Tools will not run (computer won’t even boot in normal mode) if this service is running; at least the one with the STPD.sys file version 1.6 or higher..

      Thanks again.

  • kocmohabt33

    I have a question what if my MDM.exe doesn’t appear in my Services tab in Administrative Tools, and on top of that, I have 2 instances of the file none of which are in C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedVS7Debug, but in c:WINDOWSSystem32 and c:I386. I’ve noticed that this and another process called “mshta.exe” start at random and do so when I’m not paying attention to my Task Manager. I have no need of this process and would very much like to disable it… Any help is much appreciated.

    • Looks like u have a browser hijacker. Antiviruses won’t do much good at removing them. Best fix for the future is to use a firewall (I’m using Comodo) to monitor any executables, batches, or VB scripts that u run. If the firewall detects that an exe etc. is trying to mod a protected COM interface or a critical area eg, common files, system32, your AV or FW directory then u can get a heads up whether malicious activity is underway.

      P.S. There are a few browser Cache scrubbing utilities around, i’ve never used one. GOOD LUCK!