Using sndrec32.exe to Remove DRM from Songs Downloaded from Napster

Posted March 1, 2005 by destep in Windows

Here is a work-around for Napsters drm protected music files. The process is quite long, but if you really like a song, then it is worth the trouble.

Editor’s note: The manual way of defeating the DRM will likely work only on most sound card configurations.

First, create a shortcut for the file sndrec32.exe that is in your C:\windows\system32 folder. At this point, the player only records 60 seconds by default, so here is how you make it record longer.

Before you press record, unplug any microphones you have. Then, press record, and save the file as blank.wav. Next, reopen the blank file, and scroll the bar all the way to the end. Go to the edit menu, and chose insert file. Choose the blank.wav file again, and now you have 120 seconds. Now, repeat the steps until you have approximately six minutes. Resave the file as blank again.

Do not worry if the songs you want are not that long. At least you have plently of recording time. Start playing your songs on Media Player or Winamp, but remember to press record on the sound recorder before you play them. Stop recording as soon as each song has finished.

Finally, go to your edit menu again, and choose delete after current position. Save the file of the song using any name you desire. Do not worry if you cannot see the filename in the rename bar. It is a Windows bug.

At last, you have an unprotected file of your song that you can burn to a music CD. The process is long, but it works for now, until they figure out how to keep us from doing it.

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