Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware: Expires July 2005 Message

Posted January 27, 2005 by AlexTheBeast in Windows spyware

Non-English systems commonly report this error.

Microsoft has recently released their new antispyware software. This is a beta version, so its release was meant to be limited.

This release was designed for US-EN (United States/English) use only at this time. Other language settings often report this error.

If your date format is not set to its default, you will also receive this error. Here is how I corrected it.

    1. Open the Control Panel.
    2. Select Regional and Language Options.
    3. Select one of the defaults.

    Alternatively, you can follow these instructions to set the default:
    1. Click the Customize button.
    2. In the date and time sections, select the top-most option in each of the drop down boxes.

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