Google Desktop Search Tool: How to Delete Your Index and History

Posted October 14, 2004 by MickeyMouse in Google

Google Desktop search tool is great, but it can sometimes perform too well! If the tool indexes something you do not want, here is how to get rid of it.

You can use Google to search all the files on your computer. You can download it here:

You can find all the files on your computer with a quick search. However, this means that anybody who is using your computer can do a quick search and access your files containing private information.

There are ways to hide certain directories from Google that are easy enough; however, manually deleting things from a Google search is not easy.

Here is the best way to handle this.

You can start by deleting the index. Delete all the files in this folder:
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Google Desktop Search
(where username is your actual username)

This will delete your entire Google Desktop search index. After you do it, you will find nothing in your Google search. Uninstall and reinstall the desktop tool.

Next, set your directories that you do not want Google to search.

That way, you can set your “pron” directory to “do not search,” and all your pron will not be indexed.

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