Mac OS X Connect to a Windows File Share

Can’t we all just get along? Mac and Windows can since Mac OS X includes Samba.

Once you have configured the Windows workgroup on your Mac, you can connect to a Windows share by following these steps:

Click somewhere on your desktop to bring up the Finder menu at the top of the screen.

Click the Go menu at the top of the screen, and select Connect to Server…

In the Server address field, to connect to the Windows server at, use the following:


The sharename is optional. If omitted, the system will prompt you with a pulldown menu of possible shares. If asked to authenticate, use the username and password of the Windows system to which you are connecting.

The Conversation

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  • jB

    If you CTRL-Click the Finder icon on the Dock. You will get the same option Connect to Server…
    Besides SMB, AFP& NFS will also work depending on what Services you are wanting to connecting to.

  • Jeeez man thank you! finally found my perfectly working WIN share.
    Couldn’t find it in any of graphical ui.
    finally i can use this piece of aluminum

  • Felipe

    Hi, so..I did all these steps, and I got into the “sharename”. But inside that, there`s some folder which I can open but I can`t see anything inside, like if the files where hidden.
    I`ve tried to see inside the folders on a Windows computer and I could do it.

    any suggestion? thanks.

  • Kyle

    Check to see if there are any stale file locks/sessions on the file/folder or sub files/folders of the folder you mention above. If so, terminate the file locks.