Mac OS X Join a Windows Workgroup

Posted September 22, 2004 by macster in Mac networking

Mac OS X has built-in capablities through Samba to play nicely with Windows networks. An early step to working seamlessly with a Windows workgroup is joining that network.

Open the Directory Access utility (under Applications -> Utilities).

If the window is locked (padlock closed on the lower left), click on the padlock to unlock it.

Select SMB, and click Configure…

Type in the name of the desired Windows workgroup in the Workgroup field, enter a WINS server (if appropriate), and click OK. Then click Apply.

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  • Rob

    This doesn’t seem to apply to Leopard. Any other ideas?

    • Miro

      Hi Rob Try this..

      I seem to be able to see my flatmates XP laptop by going into
      system preferences/Network choose wireless or Ethernet or both/ choose advanced then select the ‘WINS’ option – then add the workgroup to the workgroup field.

      the only Prob I have is that I cant seem to see my MAC on the XP Laptop?? I’m still quite new to OS X so I’m still learning the Basics…

      • Jontap

        hi Miro, I saw this comment and had to reply! Go to system settings then to “sharing” and enable file sharing….That’s it your done 🙂

      • Jontap

        oh ya and then click the “options” button and enable “afp” and “smb”

        • Rht

          I need help too please.. i dont have the “options” button there. I have os x 10.4.11 and im pretty sure i have changed correct settings, they just dont see eachother

          • Rht

            OS X Tiger i have

  • Hunter

    So discriptive! Worked like a charm! Thank you so much! Now my business can run more smoothly.

  • Anonymous


  • Chelsea

    I would just love to say that this was super helpful for me. Thank you!

  • Shubham

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  • Nathaniel Downes

    Application “Directory Access” no longer exists as of latest Mac OS X, may need to update.