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Posted September 8, 2004 by MickeyMouse in Internet

If you need to convert a few files from Microsoft Word to PDF, these sites will save you time and energy.

Programs that convert Microsoft Word files to PDF are popular now. Usually, the good ones are expensive. The free ones sometimes work and sometimes do not.

The free conversions typically are built off printer drivers and have a tendency to damage a system if the conversion does not go well.

Each month, I convert a couple of files to PDF. With this low level, the free, web-based services work well for me. Below is a list of the ones I use. I tested them by creating four files in increasing size and complexity. The last one was almost two MB in size and contained just about every feature available in Word 2003. As you will see, that little stress test killed many of these services.

    I like this website because it does not require registration. You upload your file (up to 2 mb), and it instantly emails your PDF back to you. I use it more than the rest. The service did choke on my stress test file, but it rendered my other 3 very well.


    K2PDF will provide five conversions to any email address with validation and without further registration. There is about a minute delay. It did not convert the stress test file correctly.

Adobe Online Conversion

    This service provides five free versions. However, the registration requirement is too time-consuming. It is the only service tested that did not choke on the stress file. This is not surprising since Adobe specializes in PDF. If one of the other sites cannot convert, I come here.


    FastPDF is free to any email account, up to twelve pages. However, it adds its watermark to the pages. For this reason, I never use it. The stress file was too big for this free service, so it was not able to be tested.

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