Doom 3 / Doom III: Bind Commands to Single Key

Posted September 4, 2004 by MickeyMouse in Windows Games

This Tech-Recipes tutorial explains how to use the bind command to allow you to execute complex commands with a single keystroke.

Manually configuring keys is easy in Doom3. Using the bind command will allow you to set commands to a single screenshot.

The format is the following:

    bind key command
    where key is any keystroke
    and command is the command you wish to bind

Here are a few examples:

    bind m give all – Pressing the m key executes the “give all” cheat.
    bind g god – Pressing the g key executes the invinsibility cheat.
    bind y screenshot 2400 1800 – Pressing the y key does a screenshot at 2400×1800.

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