Doom 3 / Doom III: Take High Resolution Screenshots

Posted September 4, 2004 by MickeyMouse in Windows Games

You can take high resolution screenshots in Doom3. In fact, you can take screenshots at resolutions much higher than any computer could actually play the game.

Even if you are playing Doom3 at a lower resolution, you can take screenshots at any resolution you wish by following the instructions below.

Open the command console, and type the following:

    screenshot size
    where size is a common screen resolution

Here are some examples:

    screenshot 640 480
    screenshot 800 600
    screenshot 1024 768
    screenshot 1280 960
    screenshot 1600 1200
    screenshot 2400 1800
    screenshot 4000 3000

If you do not know how to open the command console, try this tech-recipe:

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