Unattended Install in Windows XP

Posted August 24, 2004 by mikejc in Windows installation

This Tech-Recipes tutorial describes creating a bootable CD-ROM that will install Windows XP unattended. Setup Manager on the Windows XP CD will be used to create an answer file

When installing multiple PCs, it is easier to set up an unattended installation and burn a bootable CD than to answer each prompt during a manual installation.

To create a bootable CD-ROM for an unattended Windows XP install, follow these steps:

1. Extract Setup Manager(Setupmgr.*) from \Support\Tools\Deploy.Cab on your Windows XP CD.

2. Run Setupmgr.exe.

3. Setup Manager will generate files based on your answers.

4. Create a directory for your modified Windows XP install. (for example, C:\NEWXP)

5. Copy your original Windows XP CD into this directory preserving the directory structure of the CD.

6. Copy the files generated by Setup Manager to C:\NEWXP.

7. Modify autorun.inf to run your unattended setup of Windows XP and not the default.

8. Burn bootable CD.


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