Connect to Network Resources in Windows XP Without Mapping Drive or Port

Posted August 24, 2004 by mikejc in Windows networking

This tech-recipe explains how to use Universal Naming Convention (UNC) names with My Network Places to connect to network resources without mapping a drive or port.

You can access a file on a shared network resource when you type the location of the file in UNC format or when you browse My Network Places.
To specify a file by using UNC format, use the following syntax:

\\Computer name\Share name\Path\File name

For example, to open a file named Report.xls in the Current\Month folder on a share named Documents, on a computer named Sales, type the following:


You can also use UNC names to connect to shared resources on NetWare servers. The NetWare syntax, Server/volume:folder, translates to the following UNC name:



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