iPhone iOS4: Change Background without Jailbreak

With the release of the new iPhone OS, users can change the phone’s background image. Jailbreaking the phone is no longer required for changing the background images.

Background images are a fun way to customize your iPhone. With iOS4 it’s easy too.

1. Click Settings
2. Select Wallpaper
3. Select the Wallpaper sample image
4. Navigate and select your specific wallpaper image
5. Click Set
6. Select if you want to set the image to the Lock Screen, Home Screen, or Both.
7. Press Home button to see how it looks!


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The Conversation

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  • Christian

    Im guessing you can only do this on the 3gs and later?

    • Feeditout

      i thinks so… my 3g doesnt seem to have the option to set a home screen

    • Anonymous

      Yes. You can install iOS4 but changing backgrounds is one of the missing options with 3G.

  • Anonymous

    I just posted a list of features not available when running iOS4 on an original 3g.


  • Sean7cam

    but this dosent work on iphone 3G what can i do

  • myoblastic

    i updated my ipod touch to ios4 and i have the wallpaper option, but i can only set it for lock screen

    • myoblastic

      and i don’t have multitasking either. is it because it is an ipod touch? i downloaded iOS4.0

  • Frclaor

    Not working in iphone 3g