Set Up and Use a Direct Connection to Transfer Data Easily

Posted August 24, 2004 by mikejc in Windows networking

If you need to transfer data between two computers that are running Windows 2000 Professional, the direct-connection method is very easy to set up. In fact, you can set up a parallel port, serial, or infrared connection in just a couple of minutes. Then you will be able to move files and folders to a new machine without a hitch.

To set up a parallel port connection between two computers, follow these steps:

    In Control Panel, open the Networking and Dial-up Connections folder.
    Double-click Make New Connection to start the Network Connection Wizard. Then click Next.
    On the Network Connection Type page, click Connect directly to another computer, then click Next.

    In the Host or Guest page, specify the role of your computer:

    Host: This computer has the information you want to access.

    Guest: This computer will be used to access information on the host computer.

    In the Connection Device page, identify the appropriate connection device (from one of the following items in the drop-down list).

    Parallel port

Then click Next:

In the Allowed Users page, select who may use the connection. Then click Next.

In the Completing the Network Connection page, enter a name for the connection. Then click Finish.


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