Windows 2000 and XP: Considerations for Multi-Booting

Posted August 24, 2004 by mikejc in Windows installation

With multibooting, you can choose which operating system to run or specify a default OS if no selection is made during the restart process. The following Tech Recipes tutorial contains important considerations regarding this process.

Here is some important information from Microsoft. A computer can be configured to let you choose between two or more operating systems each time you restart the computer. For example, you could set up a server to run Windows 2000 Server most of the time but allow it to sometimes run Windows NT Server.

Before using the multi-booting feature, consider the tradeoffs. Each operating system uses valuable disk space. Furthermore, file system compatibility can be complex if you want to run Windows 2000 on one partition and Windows NT Server 4.0 or an earlier OS on another partition. In addition, dynamic disk format introduced in Windows 2000 does not work with earlier operating systems. However, multibooting capabilities are a valuable feature providing the single-machine flexibility, not only to run earlier operating systems but also to experience the advances in the next version of the operating system. This is named Windows XP for the client version and currently codenamed “Whistler” Server for the server version.

For a detailed walk-through of the process, check out guide for setting up a PC with multiple operating systems

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