XP: How to Activate Microsoft Narrator

Posted August 24, 2004 by mikejc in Windows

Do you want to hear your computer talk? Follow the steps in this tutorial to activate Microsoft Narrator, and let your PC’s voice be heard.

Microsoft Narrator is an accessibility option. It is specifically designed to assist readers who are blind or have impaired vision.

To enable Microsoft Narrator, follow these instructions:

Select Start>, Programs>, Accessories>, Accessibility>, Narrator. You can also press the Windows key plus the letter “U” to open the Utility Manager. Microsoft Narrator starts automatically.

Once you have read through the introduction screen (or let the Narrator do it), click OK. You will see a dialog box of Narrator options. Assuming you want to leave Narrator running, select the desired options. Then minimize its dialog box. If you have opened the Utility Manager, feel free to close it.

To turn off Narrator, click the Exit button. Youc an also right-click its taskbar item, and select Close.

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