XP SP2: Registry Hack and Download To Prevent a System From Installing SP2

Posted August 12, 2004 by MickeyMouse in Windows

Some people may want to prevent their system from automatically updating to SP2.

On August 16th, windows update will automatically start installing SP2. If you do not want this to happen, you have the following options.

Automatic Method:

Download the SP2 block toolkit from Microsoft. This includes an executable which creates the registry key and sets the associated value described below. The toolpack also contains network friendly scripts, templates, and sample emails to prevent sp2 from being installed.

Registry hack:

Editing the registry is dangerous. If you know how to backup your system and know what you are doing, please proceed.

    The registry key in question is:

    The keyvalue name is:

    If the value is 1 then automatic update will not install sp2.
    If the value is 0 or the keyvalue doesn’t exist, it will install sp2.

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