Sims Money and Mood

Posted August 4, 2004 by MelindaXanatos in The Sims

This Tech-Recipes tutorial contains cheat codes to help your Sims with their money and their moods.

If your sims are sad or poor, use these cheats to change their moods.

First, if your Sims are in a bad mood because they need items for work, use the following steps to give them money and change their mood:

1. Press Ctrl-Shift-C . A bar should pop up.
2. Type Rosebud in the box and then type 1!1! over and over until you reach the end of possible areas to type.
3. Finally, press and hold down the Space bar and Enter. This should give you 999,999,999 Simoleons, and it should never go down.

If your Sim is in a bad mood because you did not take care of it, complete the following steps to change its mood:

1. Go to buy mode.
2. Press Ctrl-Shift-Delete.
3. Then delete your Sim. It should pop back up. Then put it back in bed, let it wake up, and it should be fine again.

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