Using Windows Media Encoder to Watch Video on a PPC

Posted August 2, 2004 by enzoweb in Pocket PC

Windows Media Encoder can encode a video for watching on a pocket PC in about four clicks. The resulting file is reasonably sized and the quality is very good.

You can download the Windows Media Encoder for Free at several websites such as the following:

Install it and run. It should start by opening up a Wizard dialog box. Click on the Convert a File option. Then click OK.

It will then ask for a source and target file. Browse to the relevant files, and click Next.

Select Pocket PC from the Content Distribution list, and click Next.

If you want to view the video in portrait mode, click Next at the Encoding Options dialog box. I prefer to view them in landscape mode. You can select this from the Video dropdown box. You can let the rest default and click Next.

You can fill in details of the clip if you like at the Display Information dialog box. (However, this is not necessary.) Click Next.

There will be a Settings Review screen. Click Finish and the program will begin to encode the video.

The amount of time it takes obviously depends on the size of the original clip. It does a couple of passes.

A 350Mb AVI file converted to a 78Mb WMV file.

Once converted, copy it to a storage card for viewing on the PPC, using Activesync or a card reader.

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